Snowball Christmas Cannabis Cookies

So here is a way you can make the holidays even better by baking up some Christmas cookies that are cannabis infused. This Xmas cookie recipe is a traditional one for snowball cookies which are a perfect holiday cookie to bake and get baked! We just added marijuana to the mix using cannabutter and now you have marijuana snowball cookies for all your holiday needs.

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Cannabis Infused Milk Recipe

So imagine milk that can get you high! Well here it is the way to make weed milk or cannabis-infused milk that once ready you can drink it drop it in your coffee or my personal favorite mix it in with some Coco Rice Krispies and make it a nutritious breakfast treat! As with most edible recipes, you will need to decarboxylate your cannabis in order to make your weed work for using in an edible or an infusion like this here weed mwe'rewere talking about! So get ready for the best glass of milk you ever had! :) Please…

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Cannabis Decriminalization May Come To Texas!

As it stands more and more progressive thinking has come to the whole cannabis issue countrywide as a Gallup poll now suggest that two-thirds of Americans are on board with federal decriminalization of marijuana. But wait there is more! Republicans in Texas are in favor of decriminalizing marijuana and now Democrats are also jumping on board making this a bipartisan push. This generally bodes well for cannabis to become legal in the near future. This video gives you a bit of insight on Rep. Joe Moody and his view on opioids criminalization. We believe its a good video to help you…

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Macaroni & Cheese Infused With Cannabis

If you like mac n cheese as much as I do then just imagine it with a kick of marijuana in it! That is exactly what marijuana-infused mac n cheese is. I have seen quite a few recipes that go at it by making mac & cheese from scratch, well we say make it the quick down and dirty way and just use the old mainstay pack for Kraft macaroni & cheese and lace in your cannabis by using cannabutter or cannaoil in the recipe. Cannabutter is what we prefer. So if you already have some ready then you can simply…

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Flying The Friendly Skies With Cannabis!

So just the other days someone approaches me and says " Hey you can fly with marijuana on you from California to Canada or to other legal states now. My initial response was " No Way!" since that touches federal jurisdiction it would seem very unlikely that you can fly with marijuana on you whether it's medical or otherwise! So it seems I am right and ohh so wrong at the same time. Can You Fly With Cannabis On You Legally? So really here is what the deal seems to be. The nice people of the TSA that feel you up before…

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North Dakota Has The Best Proposed Marijuana Legislation Yet!

Well if it goes in to affect everyone in North Dakota will be able to sell weed as well as grow it and possess any amount! This is the most generous of proposed cannabis legislation yet. The thinking is to keep roadblocks to implementation as minimal as possible as well as not adding a burden on the state in the way of having to create a separate department to control the sale or growing of cannabis in the state. Therefore everyone in ND can be your Weedman or you can just grow your own! Proposed Marijuana Legalization Legislation In North Dakota Come…

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Weed Chocolate Covered Banana Bites

If you like cannabis and you like banana's and then you also like Chocolate this is an edible you don't want to miss out making. For me its a blast to the past just with a kick of weed! I used to get chocolate covered banana's as a dessert as a child growing up overseas. These chocolate covered canna banana bites are made using canna-oil. So if you have some ready then the rest is just as easy as making regular bananas that are chocolate covered and if not then whip you some up the old fashioned way or by using an oil…

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Cannabis Gravy

So here is a little bit of gravy that will lighten the mood at Thanksgiving! Well, you can pretty much put it on anything meat but especially thanksgiving turkey or some chicken would definitely do the trick. Also, some gravy on some dressing sounds amazing! The main ingredient for making marijuana-infused gravy is cannabutter and then, of course, the ingredients you would usually use to make some delicious gravy. So make Thanksgiving special this year with some cannabis gravy. Here is a quick and very easy recipe for making cannabis-infused gravy. The whole process should not take much longer then 45 minutes if you have…

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Californians Are Still Going To Their Regular Old Dealer Despite Of Legalization

18 Percent of Cannabis Users In CA Buy From The Black Market So one in five Californians that uses marijuana still uses their good old drug dealer versus going to a legal dispensary in California. So what is it that has Californians not using their local dispensaries and seeking alternate means of procuring their cannabis? Some of this resistance seems to stem from the high tax rate on cannabis where your good old weed dealer acts like the tax-free shop at the airport. There also seems to be a lack of legal dispensaries and some delays in local licensing that seems to make…

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Epiodolex Becomes The First FDA Approved Cannabis Medicine

Epiodolex Is The First Ever FDA Approved Cannabis Medicine But With A $32K A Year Price Tag! So good news bad news I guess. The good news is that there is finally a FDA approved cannabis medicine on the market so we now have a precedence that it can be done and that marijuana can be considered a medicine. So all that is a huge boon to the cannabis industry. Epiodolex is a cannabis-based epilepsy medicine that has been shown to be 45 percent effective in cases of severe epilepsy The two most severe forms of epilepsy being  Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and…

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