Cannabis Cherry Pie

So this is my favorite recipe for an edible just because I love cherry pie and adding marijuana to the whole thing just makes it that much better! Now making a true cherry pie will take you a bit over 2 hours so make sure you got the time to do it right. Enjoy and send me a piece of that cannabis cherry pie!

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Canna Flour

Canna Flour is just something that is easy to make and store. If you are into making your own edibles then this is just something handy to have around the kitchen and pull out to use in anything that requires flour. The first thing you will need to do is to grind your cannabis super fine and make sure all the stems and seeds are completely removed. to get the right consistency a coffee grinder is your best bet. *Also make sure that the cannabis is completely dry before you add it in with the flour. Your first step will be…

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Trump To Back Federal Legalization Of Marijuana

Trump Supports Legalizing Marijuana At The Federal Level So the Trumpster is looking like he will support legislation that will start us down the road of federal legalization & decriminalization of marijuana on a federal level. I am sure the zealot Jeff Sessions is not likely to be happy about this news since he has openly said he would go after marijuana businesses even in states that have legalized it as well as businesses that have complied with licensing to be a legal entity that sells marijuana in those states. So how did all this talk of support for decriminalizing…

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Bacon Infused With Cannabis

This combines my favorite two things marijuana and bacon. This cant be wrong! We recommend you get some of your favorite bacon for this and also keep in mind that with this process not only will you be making weed bacon but also that the drippings of fat that are left after the infusion process are also now loaded with THC. So you can eat the bacon or make a bacon basket to put and egg or some other type edible that goes with bacon in it.

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