Snowball Christmas Cannabis Cookies

So here is a way you can make the holidays even better by baking up some Christmas cookies that are cannabis infused. This Xmas cookie recipe is a traditional one for snowball cookies which are a perfect holiday cookie to bake and get baked! We just added marijuana to the mix using cannabutter and now you have marijuana snowball cookies for all your holiday needs.

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Cannabis Infused Milk Recipe

So imagine milk that can get you high! Well here it is the way to make weed milk or cannabis-infused milk that once ready you can drink it drop it in your coffee or my personal favorite mix it in with some Coco Rice Krispies and make it a nutritious breakfast treat! As with most edible recipes, you will need to decarboxylate your cannabis in order to make your weed work for using in an edible or an infusion like this here weed mwe'rewere talking about! So get ready for the best glass of milk you ever had! :) Please…

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