Texas Weed Syndicate

Month: January 2019

Medical Marijuana For Opioid Addicts in NJ

As marijuana legalization continues more and more politicians seem to be coming around to doing what is best for their constituents by legalizing marijuana at a minimum for medical reasons if not recreational. At a minimum their seems to be Read more…

Easy To Make CBD Oil Recipe

This is not an edible or anything like that but we decided more and more people are wanting to use CBD oil and here is a reasonably quick way to make your own using CBD Isolate to do it with. We Read more…

Funky Farms 300mg Grand Daddy Purple CBD Cartridge

If you are familiar with CBD supplements then you already know that you can get CBD oil, concentrates, sprays and even suppositories but what you might not have known is that you can also now vape your dose using a CBD cartridge. Read more…

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