What Is CBD Coffee Like?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WaXTWkLSkU&feature=youtu.beCBD Coffee is coffee infused with cannabidiol which is the non psychoactive part of the cannabis plant as well as being present in hemp which is the more commonly used plant to produce CBD products.This type of CBD product has become one of the latest crazes when it comes to cbd products on the market. According to some sources there are some contradictions when it comes to cbd coffee working at all but the consensus of people that have tried it is different!One scientist says that heating the cbd like you would when making a cup of coffee can change…

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Cannabis Cream Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

So for your next Easter celebration maybe an adult Easter egg hunt for some cream filled Easter eggs made from cannabutter is in order! If you dont have any cannabutter ready and want a quick solution check out our cannabutter makers that make it easy to produce. This recipe for these delicious as well as potent cannabis enhanced Easter eggs is not too difficult to tackle. So give them a shot next Easter or really anytime you got a sweet tooth that needs filling with an amazing marijuana edible! So lets get to making some loaded Cadbury cannabis Creme Eggs!

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