Dry Herb & Concentrates Vaporizer w/ Stash Compartment

If your looking for a dry herb vaporizer that delivers big hits every time then this is the right vape for you! It also comes with a concentrates cup so you can smoke your wax and other concentrates. The unit comes with a good size titanium alloy heating chamber with 108 holes to give you good hot airflow thru the chamber and give you the best vape hits. the unit is easy to take apart for cleaning and it comes with a solid stainless steel body for durability.

More Details On This Best Hitting Dry Herb Vaporizer

  • Battery Capacity 1600mAh
  • Total working time 2 to 2.5 hours
  • Standby time is 5 min
  • Takes 30 seconds to heat up and be ready for use
  • Total weight 120g
  • Comes with a removable stash compartment in the bottom of the unit
  • Easy to use one hand operation

Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit Comes With

● 1 x Kingtons Oval Vaporizer

● 1 x USB Charger

● 1 x Packing Tool

● 1 x Wax Cup

● 2 x Filter Screens

● 1 x Brush

● 1 x User manual

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Elite Heat 510 Thread Battery w/ Heating Chamber

The Elite Heat Battery kits is perfect for use with any 510 thread cartridge but where this bad boy really shines is with cartridges that use a thicker oil as well as any place where cold is a factor. How it does this is that it has a warming chamber that heats up the cart and keeps the oil from crystallizing and keeps it flowing and hitting like you want it to.

This cartridge pen is the recommended pen for use with cbd cartridges made from wax! Those type of cbd carts while more potent produce a thicker oil that requires a bit more heat then your average cart.

This is a premium battery for use with any cartridge available in the market today!

Elite Heat The Best 510 Thread Cart Battery

  • Has a preheat setting
  • 4 Voltage Settings
  • Amazing Warming Chamber
  • Easy one push button use

See below for operating instructions

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Tiva Stealth Size Temperature Control Dry Herb Vape

Small Dry Herb Vaporizer W/Temperature Control & Glass Mouthpiece

This is a great dry herb vape for when your out and about and want to be discreet about your herb vaping. It fires up within 30seconds and has a digital LED display that displays the temperature as well as battery life. You can set the temperature from 300F- 435F. The unit will remember your last temp and heat to that temperature the next time you turn it on.

Easy one hand operation making it easy to use and operate. Please note the area around the chamber does become hot to the touch when used.

Features for this stealth marijuana, dry herb or tobacco vape pen:

  • This is the world smallest non-combustion herb vaporizer perfect for marijuana or tobacco vaporization.
  • A digital led controller allows  for 300℉-435℉/149-224℃ accurate temperature control and memory function.
  • Ceramic heating chamber offers quick heating time and Isolated airflow tech offers smooth airflow.
  • Add the glass mouthpiece or use the general mouthpiece for vaping.
  • You get a pure taste and big vapor operation with this dry herb vaporizer vape pen.
  • Food grade ceramic vaping chamber.
  • 20 Second Quick Heating Time.
  • .5 Gram capacity heating chamber.



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Black Mamba Dry Herb Vape

This dry herb vaporizer has a chamber that will hold 1/2g of smoke!

Looking at this vape you are reminded of a sleek looking pipe and it sort of is the pipe of the future! Its shape makes it really nice to hold. Its full ceramic chamber combined with a built-in glass mouthpiece has this vape delivering some of the best clean flavors. The ceramic chamber on this baby will hold a bit over 1/2 gram of herb. One-touch operation makes this unit very easy to use. Combine that with 5 different temperature settings to boot!

The Black Mamba Vaporizer Kit Includes:

  1. 1* Black Mamba Vaporizer
  2. 2*Glass Mouthpiece
  3. 2*Metal Strainer
  4. 1*Cleaning Brush
  5. 1*Tweezers
  6. 1*Packing Tool
  7. 1* USB Cable without Adapter
  8. 1*Manual


Black Widow 3 In 1 Vaporizer for Wax, Oil & Dry Herb

3 in 1 Vaporizer Kit

The vaporizer that can handle all your vaping needs in one device! The kit comes with an insert that allows you to use the dry herb chamber and also use it for CBD oils and wax. With 4 different temperature setting from 356, 374, 392, 410 to 428℉. Ready to go in 30 seconds and a standby time of 5 minutes before it auto shuts off to save battery life!

Package Includes:

1* Black Widow Vaporizer
1* Cleaning Brush
1* Tweezer
1* Packing Tool
1* Wax Cup
1* Spare metal screen
1* USB Cable without Adapter
1* Manual


G-Vape Stealth / Discreet Dry Herb Vaporizer

This Stealth compact discreet vaporizer is built to allow you to vaporize dry herb or tobacco discreetly. The unit is stealthy with a nice digital read out and a large battery to give you plenty of hits! There is also a nice vibrate feature that lets you know when the vape has hit the desired temperature and is ready to go. The unit will also stay on for 5 minutes before shutting down and you can see by the built in digital timer how much time is left.

Stealth Vaporizer GVape Features:

  • Digital Temperature Control  in toggle in between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Temperature Range from 300-435 Degree Fahrenheit.
  • Built in hidden mouthpiece that easily retract into the unit.
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Isolated Airflow to allow for quick heat up times as well as smooth airflow that deliver smooth hits of vapor
  • 2200 mAh large capacity battery


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Puri5 Magnum 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you thought the Puri5 Magnum 2 is great then your going to love the Magnum3 Dry Herb & Concentrates vaporizer! This vaporizer has all the great features you loved in the Magnum2 plus some improvements that our going to love. This unit is perfect for the vape aficionado and will not disappoint even the most critical of vape enthusiast. In this vaporizer you will find the best quality and most affordable vaporizer for dry herb as well as concentrates and the option to use a water filtration attachment to get the smoothest and biggest hits you can get from a vape! the herb chamber on this unit is big enough to hold over a half a gram of flower. This convection vape uses a patented air-hi technology convection combined with an isolated air path flow.

Puri5 Magnum 3 Dry Herb & Concentrates Vaporizer Features:

  • Patented Air-Hi technology convection air heating pen-style vape with isolated airflow path
  • Airflow pathway is separated from electronics, passing from outside air directly to the oven
  • Uses hot air to extract cannabinoids from herb so that you experience the pure flavor of the buds vaped
  • No risk of combustion – no smoke means no ash, no additional chemicals
  • Even extraction from dry herbs without a stir
  • Little maintenance or cleaning requirements – no after residues as there is no contact with heating elements
  • Ensures even, proportionate heating that allows for full vaporization
  • Heat absorbing premium-grade and fully-anodized aluminum with carbon fiber exterior
  • Advanced OLED display
  • Battery is an LG/Samsung 3,200mAh high-drain battery
  • Removable and replaceable battery -Can be removed from the Magnum 3 and charged with a separate lithium-ion 18650 wall charger.
  • Precise temperature control at from 320 to 439 degrees Fahrenheit (factory set to 374 degrees)
  • 5 minute session time ( auto off )
  • Last setting memory function
  • High grade stainless steel heating chamber
  • Ceramic mouthpiece for cooling and easy maintenance
  • Large dry herb chamber holds about a half-gram of material
  • Haptic Feedback function (sleep/wake/ready)
  • Micro usb charging
  • Optional bubbler attachment: Spill-proof,State-of-the-art water filtration

Puri5 Magnum 3 Kit Includes:

  • 1 Magnum 3 vaporizer
  • 1 rechargeable 18650 battery
  • 1 water bubbler adapter
  • 1 ceramic mouthpiece
  • 1 micro usb charging cable
  • 1 dabbing canister
  • 1 packing tool
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 oven screen
  • 1 user manual

Recommended Temperature: 380 without water filtration , 400 with water filtration. 410 or higher with water filtration for straight rips.

Recommended Grind: Medium fine

Recommended Packing: Snug


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