Making Canna Oil

Making cannabis infused oil is another great method for adding THC to many dishes by quite simply adding them to the recipe and doing a bit of tweaking to hide the marijuana taste. Below follows a simple recipe for making canna oil using a double boiler, saucepan or slow cooker.

Its even easier if you use a Levo Oil Infuser or Magical Butter Machine which take much of the prep work as well as hardware needed out of the equation. If you are going to make cannabutter or canna oil frequently one of these cannabis infusers are well worth the investment.

Here is what you Need Hardware Wise:

  • A Strainer or cheesecloth
  • A simple hand grinder is what works for best results.
  • A Double-boiler, slow cooker, saucepan, etc.
Cannabis Infused Oil Recipe

Oil Infused With Marijuana

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 20 minutes
Course Infused Butter
Servings 1 Cup


  • 1 cup cooking oil olive oil or coconut oil is best but you can use any oil
  • 1 cup cannabis buds coarsely ground


  • Grind the entire cannabis plant or just the buds or a little bit of both it's just a matter of preference. Do not grind the cannabis to fine or it will end up going thru your strainer and get in the oil.
  • Combine your marijuana and your oil in your slow cooker or double boiler and heat the two together on low or warm for a few hours. This will allow the marijuana to go thru the decarboxylation process. You can cook the batch on low for about 4 to 6 hours if you're using a double boiler or slow cooker stirring the contents occasionally. If you're using a double boiler then use a low setting for 6 to 8 hours. You can use a simple saucepan on low and stir frequently for about 3 hours. Just know using a saucepan gives you a much greater chance of scorching the mixture which will destroy the THC and make your oil crap. You can use a small amount of water to add to the mixture to help avoid burning. Make sure that the temperature of the oil does not exceed 245 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Strain the oil and store it. When you strain the oil do not squeeze the cheesecloth this does not help and it will add more chlorophyll to your canna oil.


The remaining plant material can either be kept for use in other dishes if you decide to do that.
Marijuana Infused cooking oil will stay good for about 2months before it loses potency standing at room temperature. If you want to increase its shelf life simply refrigerate it and you can easily get a much longer shelf life out of it.
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