THCA / THC Infused Tea

Quick Instructions on how to make your own THC infused Tea using THCA
Prep Time18 minutes
Course: Drinks
Keyword: tea, thc tea
Yield: 4 cups


  • 1 pot
  • 1 strainer


  • 1 gram Ground THCA / THC Flower
  • 1 Your Favorite tea bagged or loose
  • 1 teaspoon Butter or Coconut oil
  • 4 cups Boiling Water


  • Decarboxylate Your Cannabis heat to 105°C/221°F
  • Get the water to boil then add the butter or coconut oil
  • Once the butter or oil dissolves completely add your cannabis
  • Let simmer for about 15 minutes
  • Strain the cannabis from the pot
  • Pour the liquid into your mug
  • Add teabag or loose tea to the hot liquid
  • Let steep for 3 minutes
  • Add your favorite ingredients and enjoy once cool enough to drink


Making your cup of THCA / THC tea is fairly easy to do. Follow our simple instructions and you can start enjoying a cup of cannabis tea in about 20 minutes. You may need to add more time if you do not have decarboxylated cannabis on hand as you will need that to start. Need THCA flower to start making your tea you can get it right here at Texas Weed Syndicate.

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