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13 Of The Best Stoner Movies Ever Made!

It is finally here; today is the day you have been waiting for all these weeks. Your bills have been paid, no meetings, no appointments, and no obligations. Today your only obligation is to be a bum and lounge around the house with a bag full of edibles and a bag full of snacks. It sure does feel nice to have days like this on occasion where the ultimate purpose is getting royally baked and vegging out all day long. The only thing between you and the perfect lazy day right now is deciding what to watch. It can be ... Read more

Can Cannabis Rev Up You Sex Life?

Maybe you have heard that cannabis has a negative effect on libido? There has been a long-standing idea that cannabis use lowers the user’s sex drive. A new 2018 study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine seems to disprove this age-old myth. In this population-based study, it was actually found that cannabis use increases the user’s libido in both men and women. This is great news for those looking for something to spice up the romance and find new pleasure in each other. Dispelling Old Myths About Sex & Cannabis Table of Contents Dispelling Old Myths About Sex & ... Read more

26 Of The Most Interesting Marijuana Facts You Ever Seen!

There are so may misconceptions about marijuana, so we did some digging around and 26 marijuana facts that we thought were interesting enough to share! As marijuana legalization persists more and more states have legal establishments to buy marijuana at legally which is also why Texas Weed Syndicate was originally born! To be a legal dispensary finder and help you in your search for finding legal bud in your area. OK let’s get into some of the interesting facts we found about cannabis scouring the web! 1. Legalizing Marijuana Did Not Increase Usage Among Teens We found this fact to ... Read more

Where To Buy Cannabis In Alaska

Loading... No Records Found Sorry, no records were found. Please adjust your search criteria and try again. Maps failed to load Sorry, unable to load the Maps API. Dispensaries in Alaska Since 2014 Alaska has allowed marijuana for both medical and recreational use. So not only can you now enjoy the beauty in this state but also have a great time enjoying yourself on a weed-centric vacation! Alaska has been a medical use state off and on since the 70’s or rather there has been decriminalization since then which has been revoked and challenged off and on. Since November 6th of 2014, it ... Read more

Where To Buy Marijuana In California

Dispensaries In California California has been at the forefront of the legalization of marijuana since the 70’s and in the 90’s was the first state to have cannabis dispensary laws for medical marijuana. Now finally in November of 2016 marijuana use is legal for both medical and recreational use for adults of the age of 21 and above. With this move, more and more legal dispensaries are popping up in Cali as well as it being a prime destination for a pot vacation! Before you go make sure you know the law as it comes to marijuana consumption, purchase and possession ... Read more

Where To Buy Marijuana In Colorado

Loading... No Records Found Sorry, no records were found. Please adjust your search criteria and try again. Maps failed to load Sorry, unable to load the Maps API. Dispensaries In Colorado Colorado being the first state to adopt full medical and recreational use of cannabis has many choices in where you can buy marijuana in the state. There are dispensaries thru out most of the state. The law allows for each city and county to choose for themselves if they want to allow dispensaries in their area. With this in mind, you will find some places are dry and others will ... Read more

Californians Are Still Going To Their Regular Old Dealer Despite Of Legalization

18 Percent of Cannabis Users In CA Buy From The Black Market So one in five Californians that uses marijuana still uses their good old drug dealer versus going to a legal dispensary in California. So what is it that has Californians not using their local dispensaries and seeking alternate means of procuring their cannabis? Some of this resistance seems to stem from the high tax rate on cannabis where your good old weed dealer acts like the tax-free shop at the airport. There also seems to be a lack of legal dispensaries and some delays in local licensing that seems to make ... Read more

Epiodolex Becomes The First FDA Approved Cannabis Medicine

Epiodolex Is The First Ever FDA Approved Cannabis Medicine But With A $32K A Year Price Tag! So good news bad news I guess. The good news is that there is finally a FDA approved cannabis medicine on the market so we now have a precedence that it can be done and that marijuana can be considered a medicine. So all that is a huge boon to the cannabis industry. Epiodolex is a cannabis-based epilepsy medicine that has been shown to be 45 percent effective in cases of severe epilepsy The two most severe forms of epilepsy being  Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and ... Read more

Using An Expresso Machine To Extract Cannabinoids

Can You Use An Espresso Machine To Extract Cannabinoids? Well apparently so! A study was done in Spain by the Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Valencia, Jeroni Muñoz Building, 50th Dr. Moliner St., 46100 Burjassot, Valencia, Spain. You can check out some of the details on the study at this site But yes, in short, you can use an espresso machine for fast cannabinoid extraction. The study done in Spain used a $300 espresso machine to do their research. The Cannabinoid Extraction Study: Researches used some marijuana that was confiscated by Spanish law enforcement and by using a common laboratory solvent and the ... Read more

Weed Vacation Guide

So you decided you are ready to go on your first weed Vacation but now you have some choices to make. According to Wikipedia you now have 8 states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana in the USA to choose from. So now you have to decide where and how you want your weed vacation to go down. Is it gonna be a up in smoke affair or will you also be looking at different activities? Depending on what other activities you want to get into will have a factor on your choice in destination. One thing you will need to ... Read more