CBD is the hottest trend in the health food industry these days. It has become a booming industry and for good reasons. Many people claim to have pain and anxiety relief along with a myriad of other benefits. For some CBD has been a miracle and they swear by it while many others have strayed away from it for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons include that taking it usually means taking an oil which can be messy or just not tasting very well. But that may be because they just have not discovered the most popular way to consume CBD which is in the form of a gummy.

CBD gummies are the most popular way to take CBD for a multitude of reasons. For one, they are great tasting and come in a rainbow of flavors, colors, and dosages. There are many CBD copies of already delicious treats that many of us know very well. From gummy worms to bears, sour cola bottles to sharks, and everything in between. By eating a gummy, you avoid the sometimes messy and sometimes bad-tasting oils and extracts while also invoking memories of childhood.

 Another great aspect of gummies is dosages. Some gummies have as low as 5mg of CBD up to supersized ones containing 100mg of CBD or more. This can be great for those who are looking to take a specific amount of CBD daily. Whether looking to micro dose or macro dose there is a CBD gummy out there that suits your needs. On a side note we also have CBD dosage calculator and dosing guide to help you figure out how big of a dose you need depending on your reasons for taking cannabidiol and your weight.

An often-overlooked quality of gummies is the ability to travel with them. Gummies look just like regular gummy candies and can be carried anywhere without raising any suspicions. As well when eating CBD gummies people will assume you are enjoying a delicious piece of candy. No need for weird looks or concerned eyes. CBD gummies can be carried and consumed just like regular candy, but you are getting the dosage you need in a flavorful package. For a great selection of gummies in a variety of flavors and doses be sure to check out our CBD store. There you can find an awesome selection of great-tasting gummies that fits any need.

One Benefit Of CBD Gummies Is That The Effects Last!

The absolute best part of CBD gummies is that they last much longer than any other form of consumption. The downside is they take longer to kick in but once they do the benefits can be felt over a much longer span of time than any other method. Whether it is for pain management or anxiety CBD gummies, and other edibles for that matter tend to stick around much longer. This is because since they go through the digestive system, it is released into the body much slower. For those looking for long term relief gummies or other edibles can be the best option.

Other Types of CBD Edibles & Products You Might Like To Try

There are many great-tasting options to include CBD in your daily life if gummies are not exactly what you are looking for. Products such as cbd honey and peanut butter are also infused with CBD. These products bring the same great benefits as gummies but in a much different way. Honey can be great to add to tea or coffee or just taken by the spoonful. A peanut butter rich in CBD can be a great way to make a sandwich and enjoy CBD while on your lunch break. The benefit of CBD edibles is the same as gummies. They may take longer to kick in but they are more powerful and tend to last much longer than other forms such as vaping or smoking.

CBD Flower

CBD flower can be an excellent way to take CBD, especially when looking for the entourage effect with all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The major benefit of smoking or vaping CBD flower is that it is very fast-acting. Usually after one or two pulls the calming and relaxing effects can be felt. The downside is that smoking or vaping CBD flowers can be very short-lived. It usually takes much more than what is needed.

CBD Cartridges

Similar to CBD flower are CBD cartridges. A CBD cartridge contains a CBD extract that has been optimized for vaping. In the same way as CBD flower they are fast-acting and the effects can be felt rather quickly. An added bonus to a CBD vape cartridge is that they are discreet and no one has to know you are getting your CBD while taking a smoke break.

CBD Edibles Are The Best Place To Start Taking CBD

Although smoking and vaping can be great way to take CBD because it acts so fast. The truth is that using CBD this way is much shorter-lived than taking an edible. This is where edibles shine. Consuming CBD by eating it is much more potent and lasts longer than other methods.

Best Place for Beginners

Along with CBD gummies being exceedingly delicious and also coming with those many other benefits as described above. They are also an excellent place for beginners to start with their journey of CBD products. They are easy to take, easy to store, and they taste great which can all be awesome attributes when it comes to a first-time consumer. Add that to the fact they last longer and are easier to dose it makes for a very easy package for newer users. It is no wonder that gummies have risen to the top in terms of popularity! If looking to start a new CBD regiment or looking to improve your current CBD regiment look no further than CBD gummies. It may change the way you think about CBD and make taking it that much more enjoyable.


Whether looking for a great-tasting and effective gummy or a smokable flower or CBD cartridge we got you covered. If you have any questions be sure to reach out to us so we can help you to find the best product for your needs. Our staff is always here to help and we love to find the best options for our customers. Here’s to happy hemp trails!