CBD flowers have been gaining a ton of popularity in the past few years and for good reason. It has the ability to be a fast-acting form of relief when it is smoked or can be used to make homemade edibles for a longer-lasting approach. This versatility has made it a fan favorite when it comes to veteran CBD users and new users alike. The uses of CBD flower are seemingly endless as they can be used in many of the same ways as standard marijuana flower. This means they can be rolled into a joint, packed into a bowl, placed in a vaporizer, made into a tincture, baked into edibles, and infused into oils. Quite literally anything that can be done with marijuana flower can be done with hemp flower while leaving the high behind.

In addition to CBD flower being extremely versatile being able to fill so many roles, it is also a more balanced way to consume CBD. This is because the flower contains all of the natural compounds that are found in the hemp plant, leading to what is known as the entourage effect. This effect is that CBD and other cannabinoids seem to work better when in the presence of each other as well as the terpenes, essential oils, amino acids, and flavonoids naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. Carefully grown and cured hemp flower can be literally as close to the original plant makeup as possible because it literally is the original plant. This means that when you consume CBD flower by either smoking it or eating it you are getting all the natural benefits.

Wholesale CBD Flower

At Texas Weed Syndicate we take pride in providing you with the best CBD flower for sale in bulk. Our expertly grown, delicately trimmed, and exceptionally cured bulk CBD flower is produced primarily to be smoked. However, it does not stop one from using it in a vape pen or to process it using other means such as an alcohol extraction for a homemade tincture or a fat-based extraction using oils or butter for truly amazing homemade brownies, cookies, or just about any baked goods. In fact, our high potency premium wholesale CBD flower is perfect for your smoke shop, CBD shop, or vape shop and is also perfect for those looking to create their own homemade CBD infused products. We offer our CBD flower for sale in bulk in five awesome strains to ensure a variety of flavors and potencies.

Hulk CBD Flower

This incredibly potent Sativa strain draws upon the qualities of its parent strains Jack Herer and Green Crack. It has a funky skunk aroma and is loaded with the earthy flavors of blueberry, citrus, and pineapple providing an immediate energy boost making it a perfect daytime toke. Firmly living up to its name this heavy hitter is loaded with 21% total cannabinoids with a total potential CBD being 16.3%. It is the perfect companion if you are looking for pain and anxiety relief while still remaining productive with creative energy.  Its potency is also a major help when it comes to needing a little stress reliever or dealing with major stressors like PTSD. Try out this awesome strain and see why so many people swear by it!

Cherry Wine CBD Flower

Named for its sweet cherry-like aroma accompanied by hints of cheese and black pepper. It is perfectly balanced with an excellent mix of smell, appearance, taste, and effects and is a synergistic hybrid blend of the parent strains The Wife and Charlottes Cherries. The Cherry Wine CBD flower is notable for its beautiful and unique appearance that is fluffy yet moderately dense with a great combination of green color and orange hairs. The flowers are usually composed of small to medium-sized buds that are covered in tiny, shiny, and sticky trichomes. These crystals exhibit gold and green shades while they are interlocked with the peach-colored pistils. Cherry wine is not the most potent at only 16.6% of total cannabinoids and 12.6% of potential CBD. However, it is rich in the compounds of limonene, farnesene, linalool, myrcene, and b-caryophyllene leading to the highly aromatic and rich smell. It is also believed that these compounds may have additional benefits resulting in the amazing medicinal qualities of this strain. As market prices change, we are always working on getting you the best deal on any wholesale flower deals.

Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower

This Sativa dominant hybrid strain is a result of crossbreeding the strains Hawaiian and Haze, no real surprise there. Many users and fans of Hawaiian Haze claim that it was first created in the soils of the Aloha State. They claim that the powerful effects and pronounced tropical flavors are a result of the mineral-rich volcanic soil the Hawaiian Archipelago is known for. But no one truly knows where this strain first originated from. What is known is that it produces an aromatic shot in the flavor department. At first, you are overwhelmed with the flavors of tropical fruits like mangoes and pineapples followed by the subtle notes of guaiacum, pine, and pepper. It is rather light and delicate in appearance with a light green color. Hawaiian Haze has a total cannabinoid content of 14.5% and a CBD potential of 11.4%. Just because it is low in CBD content does not mean you should misjudge its effects though. Users of this strain often report a very heady sensation and that they are very highly energized. It is not uncommon for users to become very chatty after ingestion or inhalation. As market prices change, we are always working on getting you the best deal on any wholesale flower deals.

Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

This Oregon bred Sativa dominant cultivar is a blend of the strains Early Resin Berry and Sour Tsunami. Its parents impart it with notes of tropical fruits and citrus followed by dense earthy tones. The aroma profile of Sour Diesel and GG4 give it a strong sour flavor reminiscent of sour candies and thus the name. Sour Space Candy makes an excellent strain for combating stress, pain, and depression with its happy, uplifting, and energetic positivity feeling. It has been noted for its ability to release your inner child and its heady effects gaining it a cult-like following. This potent strain has a total cannabinoid content of 20.3% with a total CBD potential of 15.5%, giving it the ability to be a powerful smoke. If you are looking for a strain with a huge following, a great taste, and the ability to deliver much-needed relief.

Cherry Blossom CBD Flower

Named for its spellbinding and alluring fragrances of fruit, floral, and berry this strain is sure to entice the senses and please the palate with its exceptional flavors. This potent strain is known for its slow onset that keeps many users stuck to the couch. This quality makes it an excellent strain for relaxing after a long, stressful day at work, a strenuous day at the gym, or a long day of playing outdoors. With a total cannabinoid content of 18.4% and a total CBD potential of 13.6%, this heavyweight strain is great for chilling at home while watching a movie or listening to some tunes. Because of these qualities it is not recommended for a novice CBD flower user but makes an excellent addition to any veteran smokers’ collection. Get a pound for your cbd shop today!

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