No Bake Keto Cannabutter Fat Bombs

If your on a keto diet but you still want to enjoy some edibles then these keto canna fat bombs will hit the spot. Especially if you like coconut and almonds! the first part of this recipe is to make you some cannabutter. You can check out our quick and easy cannabutter recipe if you do not have any made yet. *Please note that dosage will depend on how strong you made your cannabutter as well as the strain of cannabis you used to make it.

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Cannabis Cream Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

So for your next Easter celebration maybe an adult Easter egg hunt for some cream filled Easter eggs made from cannabutter is in order! If you dont have any cannabutter ready and want a quick solution check out our cannabutter makers that make it easy to produce. This recipe for these delicious as well as potent cannabis enhanced Easter eggs is not too difficult to tackle. So give them a shot next Easter or really anytime you got a sweet tooth that needs filling with an amazing marijuana edible! So lets get to making some loaded Cadbury cannabis Creme Eggs!

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Macaroni & Cheese Infused With Cannabis

If you like mac n cheese as much as I do then just imagine it with a kick of marijuana in it! That is exactly what marijuana-infused mac n cheese is. I have seen quite a few recipes that go at it by making mac & cheese from scratch, well we say make it the quick down and dirty way and just use the old mainstay pack for Kraft macaroni & cheese and lace in your cannabis by using cannabutter or cannaoil in the recipe. Cannabutter is what we prefer. So if you already have some ready then you can simply…

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Cannabis Gravy

So here is a little bit of gravy that will lighten the mood at Thanksgiving! Well, you can pretty much put it on anything meat but especially thanksgiving turkey or some chicken would definitely do the trick. Also, some gravy on some dressing sounds amazing! The main ingredient for making marijuana-infused gravy is cannabutter and then, of course, the ingredients you would usually use to make some delicious gravy. So make Thanksgiving special this year with some cannabis gravy. Here is a quick and very easy recipe for making cannabis-infused gravy. The whole process should not take much longer then 45 minutes if you have…

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Cannabis Pizza Sauce

We all love pizza! Its just one of those foods that 99 percent of the world lives to eat. It's also super versatile from your good old pepperoni to pizza for vegetarians! Well now imagine we can make pizza with pot in it. Well, imagine no more! this super easy recipe for a pot-infused pizza sauce makes making a cannabis pizza easy. So really how you will do this is to use canna oil in this recipe. We have a simple recipe for that here as well so if you don't have any on hand it's not too hard to…

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Cannabis Cherry Pie

So this is my favorite recipe for an edible just because I love cherry pie and adding marijuana to the whole thing just makes it that much better! Now making a true cherry pie will take you a bit over 2 hours so make sure you got the time to do it right. Enjoy and send me a piece of that cannabis cherry pie!

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Bacon Infused With Cannabis

This combines my favorite two things marijuana and bacon. This cant be wrong! We recommend you get some of your favorite bacon for this and also keep in mind that with this process not only will you be making weed bacon but also that the drippings of fat that are left after the infusion process are also now loaded with THC. So you can eat the bacon or make a bacon basket to put and egg or some other type edible that goes with bacon in it.

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Keto Lo Carb Pot Brownies

Low Carb (Keto) Pot Brownies This recipe for pot brownies is a low carb one for those of us that want to enjoy an edible and still stay on track with their low carb or Keto diet. Just because you cut out sugar does not mean you can not enjoy a delicious edible. This is one of the edible recipes we found that will satisfy your sweet tooth and still keep you on track. Like most pot brownie recipes, the recipe calls for cannabutter to add the cannabis component. We recommend using the Magical Butter Machine or the LEVO Oil Infuser…

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Cannabis Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies Made with Cannabutter If you love sugar cookies as much as I do then this recipe is perfect for those that love marijuana and sugar cookies. These marijuana-infused sugar cookies are delicious and pack a punch of THC as well. You can easily make cannabutter on a stovetop but we recommend you use the Magical Butter Machine or the LEVO Oil Infuser to make the process of making marijuana-infused butter quick and painless!

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The Best Pot Brownies

The Best Pot Brownies Ever! This pot brownie recipe comes from Sweet Grass Kitchen's located in Denver, Colorado and a winner of Best Edibles People's Choice Award. The recipe is a tweaked version of an old-fashioned recipe for brownies like only grandma used to make. the tweak's intent was to hide the cannabis flavor and just let you taste the rich flavor of chocolate. So we feel these are the best pot brownies you will ever enjoy.

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