*State names that are green have dispensary locations.

Marijuana Dispensaries In The USA

We are compiling a list for you of every dispensary in the states that legally sell marijuana either medical or recreational. So the next time you end up in a state that has legalized marijuana and you want to get your smoke on you can find a dispensary close to you. In most states that have gone the way of legalizing pot especially if its open for recreational use you will find dispensaries like you will find starbucks!

Dispensaries For Recreational Use:

So don’t just load up in one place. Shop around for different buds and strains. A lot of these guys grow their own proprietary strains as well as buy from other growers. So its nice to shop around and try out different spots and see what suits you best. if you have a medical card then you will have more options since some states only allow medical use and therefore things are a bit more limited.

Marijuana For Medical Use:

There are currently 29 states that allow pot for medical use but only 8 that have made recreational use legal. So it is a much wider playing field for those that have a prescription. Now not all states that have legalized medical are lenient and they have only allowed use for severe conditions. Like Alabama and Mississippi for example only allow it for severe epileptics. So if your traveling makes sure you check state laws before you do anything. Since per federal law doctors cannot write a prescription for marijuana they have to write a recommendation which is a bit different from a script.