1oz 120mg Holistic CBD Oil PeppermintCBD Oils in the form or oral sprays or tinctures is a very popular way to use CBD tinctures for getting a good dosage of cannabinoid into your system and absorbed sublingually. They are easy to use without a lot of mess or fuss. You simply hit the pump spray bottle a few times to get the desired dosage and go on about your business.

CBD Spray Absorption Rates

Now the fastest way to get a dose of cannabinoid is using a CBD cartridge or some sort of E-liquid. CBD concentrates like isolate, wax or shatter are also a very quick way to get a dosage however these can all be somewhat restrictive and not exactly convenient.

In order to use a CBD concentrate you need a rig or some sort of vaporizer that can handle a concentrate. 

Using a spray or tincture is the second fastest way to get the benefits of a Cannabidiol is to use a sublingual like a spray or tincture. the reason for this is that this delivery method bypasses the digestion process, unlike an edible where getting the benefits of a dose requires digestion. This process much like using a vaporization method bypasses this and therefore enters the bloodstream affecting the body much faster.

How To Use A CBD Spray Or Tincture

Using a spray or tincture is quite simple. All you need to do is pump the spray and decide on how much of a dosage you need for your particular purpose. The important thing to keep in mind is to decide how strong a CBD tincture you want to dose with. The higher the per mg amount the more potent and also the fewer sprays you will need to get the desired dosage. So depending on what you need you can choose from several different strengths. Most CBD Sprays come in 120mg, 550mg and 1100mg strengths. Depending on the dose you’re looking for you can choose either a mild or a strong CBD tincture.

The nice thing about using a CBD spray

  • It’s quick
  • It does not take long
  • Absorption is the second fastest way to get your cannabidiol on the go.
  • Getting the right dose is easy by lowering or upping the number of pumps.
  • It’s easy to carry on you
  • Its fairly easy to obtain a tincture with the right strength for your desired cbd dosage

Some CBD Tinctures You Can Buy From Us

There are two types of tinctures that we carry one is Holistic and the other is a VG- Base  

How To Choose The Right CBD Spray / Tincture For You

Our tinctures come in different strengths in order to accommodate the dosage you are looking for. We generally suggest that you microdose meaning that you start with the smallest dose possible and up the dosage until you get the desired results. Consulting with a Holistic practitioner that understands cannabidiol is also a great idea when you are first starting off. Since cannabidiol effects everyone a bit differently your likely the best judge of what dosage is giving you the desired results. We have some general dosage calculation suggestion that you can use to start with to give you an idea of the dosages you might be looking at for different levels of pain or no pain at all. 

Here are some ideas for different uses of CBD Sprays according to the manufacturer of the spray’s we currently offer and the strength of each spray. This should give you an idea of the types of dosage required for different types of uses.

  • 120mg per 1oz: Focus
    • 4mg per 1ml
    • Excellent for studying & getting things done
  • 550mg per 2oz: Recovery
    • 9.17mg per 1ml
    • Feels great after a long work out
  • 550mg per 1oz: Calming
    • 18.3mg per 1ml
    • Helpful in easing anxiety and depression
  • 1100mg per 1oz: Rest
    • 36.7mgs per 1ml
    • An evening blend for the restless spirit

Using CBD For Hormone Balancing

When it comes to balancing hormone levels we suggest a dose of 20-30mg a day as well as smaller doses of 10mg to 20mg if you are experiencing flare-ups if you are a menopausal or premenopausal female.

Over time dosing with CBD Oil seems to actually increase in effectiveness so we suggest that after about a month that you re-evaluate your dosage and experiment with lowering it and seeing if the effectiveness is the same as the higher dosage. We also suggest a product like our 550mg 1oz CBD spray. 2 pumps from this product will deliver almost 7mg of CBD so this will make dosing easy!

If you have questions on the use of a CBD product feel free to contact us and we will find you the answer if we do not have it already!

The Difference Between VG-Base Versus The Holistic Base Tinctures

VG-Base CBD Oil Sprays

The potency of tinctures that are VG based which stands for vegetable glycerin and the ones labeled Holistic are the same.  The difference is the VG base sprays we carry also contain turmeric and vegetable glycerin has a sweeter taste so it is easier on people with sensitive palates when they are using a spray.  Vegetable glycerine is very commonly used in many food products as well as in medical applications.

  • Mild Sweet Taste
  • Carriers:
    • Vegetable Glycerine
    • Hemp Seed Oil
    • Coconut (MCT) Oil
  • Additional Ingredients: Turmeric, Natural Peppermint Oil (Peppermint Flavor Only – Not in Unflavored)

Holistic Base Tinctures / Sprays

For those that do not mind an earthy taste as well as believing that less is more our Holistic base tinctures are a perfect match for you. This line uses hemp seed oil and coconut oil as well as natural peppermint oil if you choose a flavored tincture. If you suffer from having a sensitive stomach this formulation is a good match for you.

  • Minimal Ingredients
  • Carrier Oils:
    • Hemp Seed Oil
    • Coconut (MCT) Oil
  • Peppermint Flavor contains Natural Peppermint Oil