If you have gone on the web or looked at any natural supplements chances are you have herd of CBD. So what is CBD and how can it help me? That is the question on most peoples minds. Today were going to get in to just that. How it works what does it do in the body and what is it good for?

Once you understand what the uses of CBD (Cannabidiol) are and how it functions in the body you will also want to understand what type of product is right for you and there are many different types of Cannabidiol products available and each has its use and depending on your reason to turn to a natural product like this will determine the right type of product for you.

CBD Shops Usually Carry:

  • CBD Oils – These are usually tinctures that are sublingual that you can put under the tongue and absorb rather quickly. You can also find raw cbd oil so you can add it to drinks or things you eat.
  • CBD Edibles – Edibles are pretty much anything that has Cannabidiol in it that can be ingested. Usually, this comes in the form of gummies, chocolate, brownies or even honey and peanut butter!
  • CBD Cartridges – These are the fastest way to dose. CBD cartridges are perfect for anyone that uses a vaporizer and wants to dose and get the effects of this remedy to work as quickly as possible by bypassing the digestive system.

Check out the video for a nice overview of exactly how Cannabidiol works and what it does in the body as well as some indications of its benefits.

Overview of How CBD Works

We’re going to give you a look at how this natural remedy can benefit you and how it works. 

One of the roadblocks to talking about CBD is its close relation to cannabis and THC which still carries a negative stigma while having medicinal benefits

We’re going to break down the science of how this natural remedy actually works within the body. 

What Exactly is CBD?

It is the non-psychoactive component that is present in cannabis and hemp. This component is extracted from the plant and that is what CBD products are then in turn made of. Most CBD products have some small remnant of THC in them but its so little that there are no psychoactive effects. So no CBD will not get you high!

Cannabinoid Receptors

Cannabinoids are a natural thing that exists in our bodies. We have different receptors that do different things within the body. You have CBD1 and CBD2. These receptors are not just in the brain but rather they exist throughout the body and affect different parts of it. They do affect the brain but they also affect the bodies immune system and inflammatory system.


This cannabinoid receptor is most commonly found in the brain but also throughout the body in the inflammatory system. These receptors also affect your mood, emotions as well as appetite, coordinated movement as well as how your body perceives pain.


CBD two works in the immune system as well as the inflammatory system.. CBD1 and CBD2 do communicate with each other as well as correlate. CBD1 is more for the brain and CBD2 is more for the immune system and inflammatory system.

How Does CBD Oil Affect These Cannabinoid Receptors?

So here is how CBD works on these receptors. It does not rather it influences the body to actually use more of the already naturally occurring endocannabinoids already in the body. Endocannabinoids are something that our body actually creates naturally as well that these are present in certain foods that we consume. What CBD products do is to coax the body into using what is already present. 

What Psychological Effects Does This Have

So now that we have established that CBD oils help the body to use more of the already existing endocannabinoids in the body what are the effects of this and what are the benefits to us? It’s actually the byproduct of this better utilization that activates the vanilloid receptors, adenosine receptors and serotonin receptors that give us the effects we are seeking by using a CBD product.

Benefits Of Effecting Vanilloid, Adenosine and Serotonin Receptors?

  • Vanilloid Receptors – Work with regulating the bodies temperature and in turn also help with regulating inflammation due to a higher or lower core temperature having an effect on inflammatory levels.
  • Adenosine Receptors – CBD affects these receptors by increasing their activity. This is where you get that relaxed yet aware feeling when taking CBD. 
  • Serotonin Receptors – Stimulating these receptors helps to produce more serotonin as well as better utilization of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the feel-good neurotransmitter in the body that gives you that feeling of everything is ok in your world!

Glutamate is another thing that is present in the body and when you have just the right amount triggered it gives you energy. So when you have the right amount of dopamine combined with glutamate you have energy while still being calm.

CBD Oil & Cancer

One of the side effects of most cancer is the weakening of bones and therefore making you more susceptible to breaks and fractures. 

One of the most researched aspects of CBD when it comes to cancer thus far is its ability to interfere with the process of cancer feeding upon the bodies minerals and vitamins present in our bones. CBD has shown to help inhibit this process.