What is THC8 Or Delta8 & How Can I Get Some?

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Delta8 or THC8 is Δ8THC is a cannabinoid found in the tetrahydrocannabinoid family. It is commonly derived from the cannabis plant. THC8 is double bond isomer just like the well-known THC9 which is also produced by the cannabis plant and is best known for its psychoactive properties. So now that we are thru all the nice chemist techno jargon. you are probably wondering what does this mean to you and why are we even talking about it? Well Delta8 is so closely related to Delta9 that it does have psychoactive properties unlike regular CBD this particular version does have psychoactive ... Read more

The Best Way To Consume CBD Depends On Your Needs!

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CBD is practically everywhere you look these days from the shelves at the grocery store to the gas station on the corner. In addition, there is a myriad of ways to consume cannabinoids from a smokable hemp flower, cbd cartridges, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, topical CBD creams, and just about anything that you can think of. CBD also has some lofty claims from users claiming to fight minor ailments such as anxiety and depression all the way up to life-threatening ones such as epilepsy and cancer. Research is being done into these lofty claims and although preliminary results are encouraging ... Read more

Curious If CBD Pain Creams & Topical’s Actually Work?

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CBD is everywhere you look these days. From a small niche product found in a very few, small health food stores or smoke shops a few years ago it has exploded onto the scene. Now CBD can be found everywhere from the corner gas station to big-name grocery stores and beauty supply stores. Almost everyone is talking about it and surely by now, you have met a few people who have tried it and achieved some amazing results. Users of CBD have reported it to effectively help with a wide array of conditions from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain to ... Read more

13 Of The Best Stoner Movies Ever Made!

It is finally here; today is the day you have been waiting for all these weeks. Your bills have been paid, no meetings, no appointments, and no obligations. Today your only obligation is to be a bum and lounge around the house with a bag full of edibles and a bag full of snacks. It sure does feel nice to have days like this on occasion where the ultimate purpose is getting royally baked and vegging out all day long. The only thing between you and the perfect lazy day right now is deciding what to watch. It can be ... Read more

What Is The Best CBD For Dogs

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At this point pretty much everyone has herd of CBD and how great it is but is CBD For Dogs? Well the short answer is yes, it is and it helps with many of the same conditions that humans take cannabidiol for like pain and inflammation, seizures and cancer. However, many of these claims have been severely under -studied so there is not as much conclusive evidence as one would like however. People have reported that their pets general wellbeing has been improved by giving them CBD pet treats or a cbd oil. Many of the conditions that CBD seems ... Read more

Why Are CBD Gummies The Most Popular CBD Edible Around?

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CBD is the hottest trend in the health food industry these days. It has become a booming industry and for good reasons. Many people claim to have pain and anxiety relief along with a myriad of other benefits. For some CBD has been a miracle and they swear by it while many others have strayed away from it for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons include that taking it usually means taking an oil which can be messy or just not tasting very well. But that may be because they just have not discovered the most popular way ... Read more

Can Cannabis Rev Up You Sex Life?

Maybe you have heard that cannabis has a negative effect on libido? There has been a long-standing idea that cannabis use lowers the user’s sex drive. A new 2018 study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine seems to disprove this age-old myth. In this population-based study, it was actually found that cannabis use increases the user’s libido in both men and women. This is great news for those looking for something to spice up the romance and find new pleasure in each other. Dispelling Old Myths About Sex & Cannabis Table of Contents Dispelling Old Myths About Sex & ... Read more

26 Of The Most Interesting Marijuana Facts You Ever Seen!

There are so may misconceptions about marijuana, so we did some digging around and 26 marijuana facts that we thought were interesting enough to share! As marijuana legalization persists more and more states have legal establishments to buy marijuana at legally which is also why Texas Weed Syndicate was originally born! To be a legal dispensary finder and help you in your search for finding legal bud in your area. OK let’s get into some of the interesting facts we found about cannabis scouring the web! 1. Legalizing Marijuana Did Not Increase Usage Among Teens We found this fact to ... Read more

8 Most Frequently Asked Question About CBD Hemp Flower

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When it comes to CBD flower there are lots of questions which is why we originally wrote our definitive guide to cbd flower. The guide covers much of what you need to know when it comes to buying cbd flower for sale online or in your local cbd shop. Now as our visitors as well as some of our customers have posed questions about hemp flower, we have found that there are some questions that keep coming up so were going to answer the 8 most asked question about this product. When we first started to offer this product for ... Read more

Understanding CBD Inhalers & Their Uses

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What Is A CBD Inhaler? A CBD inhaler is an inhaler using the same medical technology as an asthma inhaler that delivers an accurate fast acting dosage of CBD. CBD inhalers are a game changer in the sense that they are truly the first product in the hemp industry that is truly purely designed to be used in a way that we use modern medicine. This delivery method is just as fast acting as using cbd flower or a cbd cartridge with the difference being that if you are adverse to smoking or are in an environment that it is ... Read more