Blazer Big Buddy Cigar Torch

The Blazer Big Buddy Cigar Torch is perfect for use on pipes, nails and lighting your cigars of course. This is a high powered torch featuring a 2500 degree Fahrenheit flame. When full this torch can maintain a continuous flame for about an hours. Its very lightweight making it perfect to take with you anywhere you go and need flame. Blazer is well known for making some of the best cigar torches out there at reasonable prices. The torch uses butane which makes it easily refillable.

Blazer Big Buddy Cigar Torch Features

  • 60 Minutes of Continuous Use
  • 2500º Turbo Flame
  • Ideal for heating all size nails.
  •  About 6 inches tall
  •  Flame Guard
  •  Ignitor Button with Safety Lock
  •  Continuous Flame Lock Lever
  •  Removable Stand
  •  Flame Height Adjuster
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

$49.95 $40.00

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Blazer Big Shot Torch

This Cigar Torch by Blazer is a powerful highly portable and easily refillable cigar torch. The Big Shot features a strong brass flame nozzle, detachable base and precision flame control which makes it one of the best available. You can turn it upside down and it will still maintain a steady flame without any worry of extinguishing it.

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It will give you 35 minutes of continuous flame at a whopping 2500 degrees Fahrenheit! This unit is so powerful it can easily be used for lighting up a cigar as well as doing light duty soldering and brazing.


Blazer Big Shot Torch Comes With

  • Blazer Big Shot Torch

The Features Of The Big Shot Gt8000

  • Easily Heats Nails
  • Anti-flare, brass-frame nozzle, for safety and flame control
  • Attachable tabletop base, for hands-free use
  • Gas-flow adjustment dial, to control flame length
  • Piezoelectric ignition system, requires no electrical connection
  • 2,500-degree F, torch flame, for a more precise flame tip


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Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch

Higher Standards has teamed up with Blazer a legend in the torch industry to produce the Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Cigar Torch. These torches are 3engineered in Japan with ultimate precision. The unit features a strong brass flame nozzle, detachable base, instant piezo crystal as well as precise flame control. This small yet powerful torch is all you need to heat up a nail or light your quality stogie.

A 2500 degrees Fahrenheit flame can be maintained continuously for up to 35 minutes. This cigar torch is completly self contained as well as easily refillable using any butane bottle.


What You Get With Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch

  • Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch
  • Detachable Baseplate
  • Child Safety Attachment

Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch Features

  • Precise, Adjustable Flame
  • 2500°F Peak Temperature
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Dimensions: 7.81″ L x 4.5″ W x 2″ D

$99.95 $90.00

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Large T-Bar Pollen – Kief Press

If You are looking to buy a large kief press then the Large T Bar Pollen Or Kief Press is a solid choice. Made from CNC machined aricraft grade aluminum for durability this press will last a long time. The unit is easy to use simply add in your kief or pollen and use the press. Compress your materials every hour for a few hours and your all set. Let it sit overnight and remove the hardened pellet the next day.

Features Of the Large T-Bar Pollen – Kief Press

  • 1 CNC-Machined Aluminum T-Handle
  • 1 CNC-Machined Aluminum Insert
  • 2 CNC-Machined Aluminum End Caps

$39.95 $29.95

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LEVO Oil Infuser Herb Press

Using the Levo OIl Infuser her Press will maximize the potency of your infusion by extracting the maximum amount of herb. Using the press is simple. All you do is push down on the herb pod contents and extract every last drop from your herb for infusion.

*best results when combined with LEVO Herb Pod

This herb press in conjunction with the LEVO OIl Infuser will make making infused butter and oils easy and efficient by getting you the maximum amount of extract for use!

What YouGet

  • 1 x LEVO Herb Press

Features Of The LEVO Oil Infuser Herb Press

  • Maximizes Herb Extraction
  • Boosts Infusion Potency
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Easy-To-Load
  • Designed To Fit The LEVO Herb Pod

$21.95 $9.95

LEVO Oil Infuser Power Pod

The Levo Oil Power Pod is a double the size version of the standard pod for use in the LEVO Oil Infuser, therefore, you can use this pod to easily increase the strength or your oils or butter. Using this pod will increase you infusion strength in one easy step!

What You Get

  • 1x LEVO Extra Strength Power Pod

Features Of The Levo Oil Power Pod

  • For Dry Herb
  • Twice The Size Of The Standard Herb Pod
  • Easy-To-Load
  • Strengthens Your Infusions Potentiates

$21.95 $9.95

Magnetic Super Kief & Pollen Press

This kief press is made from high-grade quality aircraft grade aluminum. The magnetic super press is an incredibly easy to use tool for compressing anything that is a fine material in to pellet form. Things like kief, pollen and aromatherapy dust all would be examples of those types of substances. This press uses a unique design that employs a dual pressing pin which provides extra torque to press your pellets. Thermoplastic dowels are used in this press to avoid the pellet sticking to the dowel.

This item is 3 1/2 inches in length, 1 inch in diameter, and weighs 2 ounces. The INTERIOR barrel is 5/8 inches in diameter.

The Magnetic Super Press Comes With

  • Two CNC machined aluminum end caps w/magnets.
  • One CNC machined aluminum barrel.
  • Five ABS thermoplastic dowels of different lengths.
  • Two 4 inch aluminum handle pieces w/magnets.
  • One Gift Or Storage Box.

Features Of This Amazing Press

  • Magnetic Handle Fasteners
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Operate

$39.99 $31.95

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Magnetic Super Press W/ Dual Magnetic Pressing Pins

This Kief & Pollen Press is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum making this press a quality made tool to compress your aromatherapy dust, kief or pollen into a pellet with ease! This is likely the first and last press you will ever need to buy. Simply compress your materials every hour for a few hours and then let it sit over nite to harden and your all set to use or store your pellets.


Magnetic Super Press Dimensions

3.85″ X 4″

The Press Features

  • CNC Machined Aluminum Barrel
  • l 2x CNC Machined Aluminum End Caps
  • 5x ABS Plastic Dowels of Various Lengths
  • 2x 4″” Aluminum Handles With Magnets

$39.95 $29.95

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Newport Jumbo Cigar Torch

The Jumbo Torch By Newport Is a large yet light butane powered torch with an attachable table stand to allow for hands-free work if you so desire.

The Way The Newport Jumbo Torch Works

This torch is extremely versatile and allows for standard flame operation or jet flame depending on your needs. The unit was engineered with an ergonomically shaped handle to make its use easy at any angle. Also, The filling process is easy enough where you can refill the torch in just a few minutes.

What’s in the Box

  • Newport Jumbo Torch

The Newport Jumbo Cigar Torch Features

  • Easy & Safe Operation
  • Self-Igniting Piezo Ignition
  • Child Proof Safety Lock System
  • Safety Adjustable Flame
  • Quick Refill Design
  • Works At Any Angle
  • Comfort Grip Handle


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Newport Mini Cigar Torch

Newport Mini Cigar Torches are high quality and come in multiple colors.

Features Of The Newport Mini Cigar Torch

  • Easy and Safe Operation
  • Self-Igniting Piezo Ignition
  • Child Proof Safety Lock System
  • Safety Adjustable Flame
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Quick Refill Design
  • Works at Any Angle
  • Comfort Grip Handle
  • Available in 6 Colors


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