Cheap Cannabutter Maker


This is a cheap solution to all your cannabutter making needs! Especially if you do not have a need to make more then one stick at a time! Its one of the easiest ways to make cannabutter or oil without much of a mess. You will need to decarboxylate your cannabis first before starting this process! If you are looking for an affordable solution for your butter making needs this little baby might just be the most amazing answer. This unit will also make marijuana-infused oil!

Easy Butter Maker Includes:

  • 1 Butter Maker Consisting Of an Upper Pot, Filter & Lower Pot
  • Instructions on How To Use On The Box.
  • Scroll Below The Same Set Of Instructions Written Out For Your Convenience

What’s Nice About The Affordable Easy Butter Maker Besides The Price?

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • No Moving Parts
  • Easy To Clean!




Easy Cannabutter  Quick Review As Well As Instructions For Use & Some Cautions To Use Properly

Instructions On How To Make Cannabutter Using The Easy Butter Maker!

  1. Cut 1 stick of unsalted butter in cubes and press it lightly into the bottom of the lower pot. (You can also use 1/2 cup of oil or whole milk instead and infuse it using this device.) Add water to the lower pot just below the release valve. (If you are using milk you do not add waterDO NOT OVERFILL WATER ABOVE RELEASE VALVE
  2. Insert herbs you wish to infuse – Fill with finely chopped herb close to the top of the filter. (If you are using cannabis make sure you decarboxylate it first for best results) DO NOT PACK AS IT MAY CAUSE THE PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE TO ACTIVATE
  3. Tighten the upper pot to the lower pot. Place the pot on the burner on medium heat. Keep handle out of direct heat. TOO MUCH HEAT MAY CAUSE THE PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE TO ACTIVATE.
  4. Cook until you hear gurgling or steam can be seen (about 6-7minutes) the upper pot will be 3/4 full, remove from heat. To increase the potency and get the most out of your herb run the same product thru this process 2-3 times. Each additional run will take about 3 minutes.
  5. The upper pot will have the infused product in addition to the added water unless you were using milk. Pour the liquid from the upper pot into an appropriate sized plastic container. Water can be removed from the mixture immediately as it separates from the butter or oil. Or you can put the butter in the fridge until it hardens and then remove the butter and poke a hole thru the butter and drain the excessive water.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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