CVault Personal Weed Stash Box

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The CVault storage container makes the perfect little weed stash box you will ever own. Its small compact but still made to be airtight and humidity is controlled by a Boveda pack keeping you bud fresh until your ready to toke up. The Boveda pack in the stash box will keep the humidity a perfect 62% avoiding your bud from drying out as well as removing access humidity to avoid mildewing.

CVault Weed Stash Storage Container

  • CVault Kit Includes CVault Storage Case, Lid, & 62% Humidipak
  • Humidity Controlled Storage
  • Air Tight Seal
  • Stainless Steel

Extra Small Stash Container Dimensions:

  • 3.25” x 1” or 8 CM x 2.5 CM
  • Holding Capacity of 4 to 8 grams / .09 Liters by Volume
  • Uses 1 Humidity Pack 8 Gram Pack by Boveda

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The personal X-small CVault is a perfect fit for your own personal storage needs of bud, tobacco or anything that needs humidification and protection from light and air. Its a perfect stash box as well as personal curing container. Since its small it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

NEW!! Lid Design:

  • Our newly designed lid works with three dimples that allows you to snap on the lid versus our traditional system.
  • ¼ inch wide silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal.
  • Pak holder specifically designed to hold your 8 gram Boveda® pak.

Industrial Latch Design: Engineered to provide an airtight seal; locking in product freshness.

Stackable:  Buy multiples for different varieties; containers are stackable and save space.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


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