Elite Heat 510 Thread Battery w/ Heating Chamber


The Elite Heat Battery kits is perfect for use with any 510 thread cartridge but where this bad boy really shines is with cartridges that use a thicker oil as well as any place where cold is a factor. How it does this is that it has a warming chamber that heats up the cart and keeps the oil from crystallizing and keeps it flowing and hitting like you want it to.

This cartridge pen is the recommended pen for use with cbd cartridges made from wax! Those type of cbd carts while more potent produce a thicker oil that requires a bit more heat then your average cart.

This is a premium battery for use with any cartridge available in the market today!

Elite Heat The Best 510 Thread Cart Battery

  • Has a preheat setting
  • 4 Voltage Settings
  • Amazing Warming Chamber
  • Easy one push button use

See below for operating instructions

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Instructions On How To Use The Elite Heat Cartridge Battery For 510Thread Carts

Step 1: Turn on the battery, if it’s not on already. Click the button 5 times really fast (one-two-three-four-five, within 1 second).

Step 2: Ensure the battery is set to the correct voltage setting – we recommend starting with white and going up from there. To cycle voltages, triple-tap the button (one-two-three, within 1 second): White >>> Blue >>> Green >>> Red >>> reset (White)

Step 3: Screw the cartridge onto the battery threads. Make sure the airflow holes are open (this is muy importante).

Step 4: Slide the preheat chamber over the cartridge and screw it onto the battery.

Step 5: If the wax is solid – looks like tiny rock candy crystals, doesn’t flow at all – DO NOT PANIC; this is what you got the EliteHEAT for.

Double-tap the button to start a preheat cycle, which lasts for 90 seconds if you let it do its thing. You’ll see the color change on the button as it goes – this is the voltage increasing every 30 seconds to fully heat the cartridge. So cool, right?!

If the weather is cold, the A/C is bumping, or you’re in a walk-in refrigerator (we don’t judge) you might actually want a second warming cycle to fully liquefy the X3. This is some gnarly-thick wax, it’s just the nature of the beast. Still beats sitting there with a hair dryer.

Step 6: It’s vaping time! Hold down the button while inhaling through the cartridge tip. If this is your first X3, start with SMALL PUFFS. Again…gnarly-thick wax. Treat it with respect.

Step 7 (optional): Once you’re done, turn off the battery by repeating step 1.

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