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THC Free Water Soluble CBD Oil


This 100% THC free water-soluble CBD oil is perfect for anyone that wants to vape and wants to use a CBD cartridge to do it. Now while there are already ready-made CBD cartridges out there as well as vape juice most have some trace amounts of THC in them where this VG based THC free CBD oil can be simply used by getting a refillable cartridge and just filling it.

Kalki Water Soluble is a perfect blend of THC-FREE CBD for athletes, and people who cannot use THC. This product is designed to be fast-acting. Nano-encapsulated THC-FREE CBD is bonded with vegetable glycerin and Isoterp, creating a sweet, sugar-free, rapidly bio-available, THC-free CBD product that will assist in workouts and recovery.

THC FREE Water Soluble CBD Oil / Vape Juice

Serving Size: 20 Drops – 1 ml

Servings per Container: 30

Amount per Serving %DV

CBD (Cannabidiol) 5.0 mg (150mg)

CBD (Cannabidiol) 10mg (300mg)

CBD (Cannabidiol) 16.7mg (500mg)

CBD (Cannabidiol) 33mg (1000mg)

CBD (Cannabidiol) 50mg (1500mg)

Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: CBD Hemp Extract, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Nano CBD Water, Polysorbate SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE Suggested Use: Take 1 ml once per day (approx. 20 drops) or add to 4-6oz of water or other beverage.




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THC Free CBD OilAthletes, as well as many professionals, can now benefit from the power of CBD while not having to worry about having any trace amounts of THC in their systems. This product is designed for anyone in mind that has a concern about having THC in their system. Most CBD supplements have minor trace amounts of this compound in them where this has none!

Hemplucid has created the perfect CBD product with a perfect blend of CBD for athletes or anyone concerned by THC. Hemplucid has isolated high-quality THC FREE CBD and adding terpenes back in. This CBD product meets the Hemplucid standard that you are used to and is completely THC FREE. There is no psychoactive cannabinoid on Kalki making it the perfect THC FREE CBD for athletes.

Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 6 in
CBD Strength:

150mg, 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg