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Just CBD Whitewidow CBD Doobie




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About White WidowCBD Doobies

First cultivated from Green House Seeds in the Netherlands this cbd doobie white widow,  hybrid has earned itself a venerable reputation among avid cannabis consumers around the world. A unique combo of Brazilian sativa and robust South Indian indica, White Widow is typically one of the many selections stocked year round at dispensaries and cannabis cafes. Favored for its euphoric qualities, a puff of this strain stimulates creative thought without inducing a weighted body high. The aroma it distributes is earthy and woody, so it’s a bit powerful. Just one hit will have you feeling blissful. Better yet, the taste is indescribably delicious.

Individually wrapped CBD Doobie, Each king size cone is intended to last 2-3 sessions containing 100mg of cbd made with the finest graded terpenes locally crafted in south Florida.

Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in

Size Chart

White widow is a great strain firstborn in the Netherlands this hybrid is known to stimulate creative thought without inducing a weighted body feeling. The aroma is a bit earthy and robust so it can be a bit on the strong side. Just CBD Whitewidow doobies have all the characteristics without the THC so they are all 50 states legal and can be used to get the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychological effects of the THC.

Why Buy CBD White Widow Doobies

  • Amazingly strong earthy flavors
  • THC Free
  • Get the benefits of the strains cannabinoids
  • Made with a king size cone containing 100mg of CBD
  • Designed to last for 2-3 smoking sessions