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Pineapple Express CBD Blunt


We all know about Pineapple Express from the movie with its name. This strain is a Sativa dominant strain that will keep you mellow but energetic and will let you get things done all while getting your creative juices flowing. You can expect a sustainable productivity level as well as alertness.

Why Buy A Pineapple Express CBD Blunt

  • Made with a king size cone
  • 100mg of CBD per cone
  • Ideal for 2-3 smoking sessions
  • THC Free
  • Get all the beneficial effects of CBD


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About Pineapple Express CBD Blunts

Made famous in the cult comedy starring Hollywood’s most infamous stoner duo, Pineapple Express doobie is known around the world for its yummy tropical flavor and delectable fruity aroma. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, this CBD selection gently induces creativity while also supporting a sustainable level of productivity to keep you alert and active. It combines the potency and energetic qualities of Trainwreck with the sweet succulence of Hawaiian to deliver enjoyable experience with every single puff. Topped off with a lingering taste comprised of pine and cedar, the strain is beautifully balanced. Daytime users prefer it because they can medicate and still get things done.

Individually wrapped CBD Doobie, Each king size cone is intended to last 2-3 sessions containing 100mg of cbd made with the finest graded terpenes locally crafted in south Florida.

Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions4 × 2 × 4 in