Famous Brandz Snoop Pounds Starship Water Pipe

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Named after Snoop Dogg’s recording studio, the Pounds Starship drops beats as well as its namesake. This beaker-shaped water pipe made of durable borosilicate glass is a perfect addition to your glass collection. Looking for a portable bong for a house party or solo use? Let the Starship guide your way!


  • Durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Ground Glass Bowl
  • Diffused Fixed Slide


What’s in the Box

  • Snoop Pounds Starship Water Pipe
  • 14mm Ground Glass Bowl

How it Works

Grind your material and fill the standard bowl with enough herb for one session. Apply flame to the bowl as you draw. Pull the bowl out as you finish your draw to clear the chamber.


The Starship and its components can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

Famous Brandz Snoop Pounds Starship Water Pipe

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Black, Clear, Purple, White

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