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MJ Arsenal The Martian Blunt Bubbler


Take me to your Blunts! The Martian Blunt Bubbler is the first glass bubbler designed specifically for blunts and all rolled items. Made from more durable borosilicate glass, the bubbler is simple to setup and easier to use. The carb hole can be used in the standard fashion but also allows for directional airflow for a little tornado effect inside the Martian. The pendant hook keeps the Martian hand


  • Fits Huge Variety Of Sizes
  • Spill-Resistant Design
  • Pendant Hook
  • Also Functions As One-Hitter
  • Carb Hole
  • Hook Attachment
  • Optional Bumper Available


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What’s in the Box

  • The Martian Blunt Bubbler

How it Works

Fill the maritian 1/3 full of water. Insert your blunt or rolled items into the wide opening on the Martian


The Martian Blunt Bubbler can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. Ensure all alcohol is fully rinsed before use.

Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in


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