What kind of vaporizer to buy based on your smoking habits

Dry herb & Wax VaporizerSo you decide to do what all the cool kids are doing and start vaping your weed. Well not only is that cool it also comes with some additional benefits like smoking your marijuana can now be done discreetly which if you are a user of cannabis for medical reasons becomes even more important. It’s nice to have access to your medication discreetly. for recreational users its also nice to have a cannabis vape for times like when you want that hit at the club or your in an environment where smoking pot is frowned upon.

Benefits of Using a Vaporizer When Smoking Marijuana

  • It does not have a strong odor
  • Your marijuana actually goes farther
  • You get more THC by vaping versus just smoking
  • It allows you access to cannabis discreetly ( Especially important for medical users)
  • Most vaporizers are very easy to use. Simply load them and push the on button and possibly set a temperature.
  • Makes it very easy to carry your marijuana on you ready to smoke.
  • No or very little  fire danger


1 How Will You Be Using Your Vaporizer

One of the best places to start when you are thinking of buying a marijuana vaporizer is how and where you are going to use it. the big decision is will you take it with you or will you be using it at home? If you want to have a vaporizer to take with you then you will need to get a cannabis vape that is made for on the go.

2 Desktop Marijuana Vaporizers

Volcano Classic Desktop Vaporizer

Prices range from as little as $80 up to close to $600

Now if you’re more thinking you want one for your home then a tabletop vaporizer is a great way to consume your marijuana! These units are much bigger and tend to allow for much bigger amounts of vapor to be produced and rather quickly as well. Most have many adjustments so you can optimize your vaping experience to suit how you like to vape.

The drawback to these units is that they are not very portable and no good for vaping on the go. However, if you don’t care about that then a tabletop vaporizer for consuming cannabis is a great way to go, Most offer different attachments so you can easily use concentrates as well as dry herb in them.

Here are two that we like one is a very cheap solution for $89.95 which is the Easy Vape 5 Digital Vaporizer Another very popular desktop vape is The Volcano Classic which is available for $479. Its a great well-known unit with many happy users.

3 On The Go Cannabis Vape’s

Prices range from $90 up to $250Cloudius9 Hydrology9 6 Chamber Filtration System For Sale

When it comes to finding a vape that will work for you on the go the choices are plenty. The big thing is to consider what you’re looking for in a vaporizer. Do you want small and compact or do you want something stylish? Maybe you want both. We personally are big fans of the Hydrology9 Water Filtered Vaporizer which is not the smallest or inconspicuous vaporizer but it definitely kills it in the flavor department and how it looks. Imagine a lightsaber looking vape and you pretty much are looking at the Hydrology9.

Now if you want something stealthy and small that won’t attract much attention but still has some good features like digital temp controls, automatic shut-off, and a glass mouthpiece to preserver flavor then our TIVA Stealth Vape Pen is a home run and cost wise as well coming in at a mere $59.95 its a tough one to beat.


4 Whats Important To You When Smoking

One thing you want to consider is what is important to you when you are consuming marijuana? Do you like the big smoke. flavor or is it just the effects of smoking cannabis your after?

  1. If big smoke is a thing for you then most vaporizers will leave you somewhat disappointed. To get the most smoke try a water filtered vape. At least on the go vape’s the desktop ones can produce huge amounts of smoke but your typical vape pen will produce some but it will not be on the level of actually smoking. So you know just because you don’t see smoke it does not mean that you are not getting thc in your system
  2. Is flavor a big deal to you? Well, most vaporizers these days will use a ceramic chamber or a medical grade aluminum one. We have found that the ceramic oven combined with a glass mouthpiece will deliver amazing flavor. Also, any of the water filtered units tend to do better than most in that department as well as producing more smoke.
  3. Is the effect of THC the most important thing when you smoke? Well, in that case, you are pretty much covered with any type of vaporizers you decide on as all units that are made to properly vape dry material or concentrate will do that job and do it well.

5 Cheap Or Expensive Is There A Huge Difference?

Anytime something is cheaper then the going price then you should be leery. It does not mean that a cheap vaporizer can’t do the job it just generally means it will not do it for long reliably. So if you’re looking to just dip your toe into vaporizing your cannabis then get a cheap one and see if it’s for you or not.

If you know that you are going to start using a vaporizer then stick to a quality vaporizer that has all the features you want as well as being built well enough to give you many consistent vaping sessions.

6 Charging & Ease Of Use

Some factors that you should consider before buying a vaporizer

  • Charging and how long the charge last – having a vaporizer with a good battery life is definitely a factor. It really sucks when your vape is out of juice and your not at home and are still wanting to vape but don’t have access to recharging the battery.
  • Ease of recharging – meaning how compatible is the unit to other USB type chargers. You will find most can be charged right off a phone charger for an android. Making it very convenient.
  • Ease of Use and reloading – how easy is it to reload the chamber of the vaporizer. Finding a cannabis vaporizer with a good size chamber as well as one that makes reloading easy is something to definitely think about. Of course the smaller the vape the smaller the chamber is so you will have to relaod a stealthy vape more often than the bigger units.

Drawbacks To Vaporizers

Personally, we do not see any real drawbacks when it comes to vaporizing your marijuana. However when the vape is out of power then you can not use it where if you had a pipe or a blunt you simply light it and your good to go. Other then that vaporizing is a superior way to get your thc fix in our opinion.