Why Vape- The Latest Vaporizers Is Why!

Vaporizing marijuana is the preferred method for medical users but it has also caught on with the recreational crowd due to some of the advantages that vaping brings over just smoking your weed out of a pipe or bong or rolling it up.

One reason to vape is that you can actually get more out of your weed. It will last longer and you will get more hits per bowl then you would just smoking it. The other nice side effect you get from vaporizing your cannabis is that it does not completely destroy the plant material so the leftovers can be used to make low-grade cannabutter or oil. Your other choice is to just roll it up and smoke it or to add it into a new bit of weed to smoke. It’s not as potent but there is still enough THC left to get you a low key high.

Vaporizer Reviews

As we find different types of vaporizers made for consuming weed we will review them and share what we think with you! Vaporizers can be total junk or they can be amazing and a great way to smoke discreetly without drawing much attention.

On The Go Portable Vaporizers

You have two main types of vaporizers these days. Portable units that will fit in your pocket and you can carry with you which are a perfect way to enjoy your favorite bud or their more stationary tabletop versions that can produce massive amounts of smoke but they are not very portable and usually require a power source to plug into.

Portable Vape Advantages:

  • They make discreet consumption of marijuana possible in places where you usually could not partake. ( It may still be illegal so check your local laws to make sure you’re not breaking any of them by vaping weed in public)
  • They are easy to carry on you and have their own power source.
  • Most can be recharged with the same power cord as an android phone.
  • You will get more hits from your cannabis using a portable vape.
  • You can find portable vaporizer for dry herb, cbd oils as well as wax.
  • You can choose from a lot of different vapes with many different types of functions from super simple to fairly sophisticated.
  • There are many different sizes in portable units from stealthy vaporizers to fairly big ones.
  • Most weed vaporizers look much like any other vape so they will not attract much attention.

When you are ready to buy vaporizers for yourself or friends take a look at what we have in the smoke shop. We have a good size selection of vaporizers for sale online.

Desktop Vaporizers:

  • Table Top Vaporizers tend to produce lots of smoke and are a great way to consume medical marijuana.
  • The amount of vapor produced by one of these units is something a portable unit will never be able to produce
  • Many different types of these units are available for sale online and in local smoke shops so you can research and find one that is perfect for you.

As we get units in we will be reviewing them here as well as on our youtube channel. If you have a vaporizer you would like us to review please let us know or if you have reviewed a vaporizer and you want to share it please reach out and contact us and we can see how we can best get it online.

Not only will you find Vape Reviews her but also reviews on all types of smoking accessories! We plan on reviewing any and all types of smoking accessories as well as pipes, bongs, storage vaults, torches and more.