So you are already using a vape but why not go all the way to the ultimate in smooth hits and buy a vaporizer that has a vape bubbler that can be attached or some sort of bong adapters that would turn it into a water bong that is a vape.

So we got two really awesome examples of a vape bubbler and the other unit is really not a bong adapter but it is a vaporizer with a built-in water bong ( triple filtered water filtration system)

Why would you want to bother with using a bubbler attachment or a vaporizer with a built in bong adapter instead of a regular vaporizer to smoke your cannabis?

Benefits of Water Filtration

  • It cools down the smoke and makes for much bigger hits.
  • Hits are super smooth due to the cooling effects of the water combined with the fact that it is already vapor!
  • The Filtering Process Helps to Remove Harmful toxins
  • In our experience, the bubbler tends to produce not just bigger hits that are smooth but the unique flavors of the marijuana are preserved.

Those are just some of the reasons for using an adapter like this or a unit that has a built-in bubbler. In our experience, the hits that are produced by using these adapters is so smooth that even people that usually complain of the vapor or smoke being harsh are happy to report that it did not bother their throats one bit!

2 Vaporizer 1 Has A Vape Bubbler Adapter The Other Is A Bong!

Magnum2 For Dry herb Only!

The Puri5 Aviator3 Or The Magnum2 W/ Optional Vape Bubbler

This amazing vaporizer comes with a glass mouthpiece but it has the optional bong adapter to turn it into a vaporizer water bong!

Not only that but it is also a 3 in 1 unit so you can use it on dry herb as well as concentrates and oil using the included concentrates cup.

Here are some other features of this vaporizer that make it such a great unit to buy.

Features Of The Aviator 5 w/ Optional Bong Adapter

  • OLED screen
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Ceramic oven
  • 1 gram oven capacity
  • Anodized aluminum body
  • 3 in 1, herbal, wax, and oil
  • Battery capacity, session time, and temperature display
  • Adjustable isolated air flow control
  • Vibration: Power on/off/temperature reached
  • 8 Preset Digital temperature control – 320°F to 450 °F
  • Dry herbs temperature: 410, 430, 450
  • With water filtration temperature: 430,450
  • Concentrates temperature: 320 – 450
  • Curved surface ergonomic design with comfort grab feel.
  • Last temperature memory function
  • Palm size (discreet)
  • Convenient for carry & use.
  • Design for dry herb , wax, oil
  • CE/RoHS/FCC certification
  • Safety auto off

Hydrology9 Vape With A Built In Bong Adapter!

The Hydrology9 By Cloudious9 Is our favorite vaporizer water bong! It has gone many miles and everytime we bring it out people just love its looks as well as how it performs. Affectionately called the lightsaber in our circle this really is the water bong of the 21st century. It combines the best of both worlds, vaporization technology, and a 6 chamber water filtration system to bring you the smoothest and tastiest hits of vapor you will ever taste in your life!

Here are some of the features of this Vape Water bong!

  1. 6 Chamber Water Filtration
  2. A Porcelain Chamber Large Enough To Efficiently Heat Up Ground Materials.
  3. Leak Resistance At All Angles
  4. A Powerful Pass-Through Battery for Extreme Portability
  5. Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece That Sits Comfortably On The Lips. Topped Off With A Protective Magnetic Lid
  6. Rotational Dial At The Bottom That Allows You To Stir Materials Without Opening The Unit.
  7. Party Mode – Watch The LED’s Change Through The Session
  8. 5 Temperature Settings To Choose From

So you might ask yourself is it really worth having a vape bubbler or bong adapter on a vaporizer?

Our opinion is yes! Since a vape already makes the smoke smoother than using traditional methods adding this on top of it makes for amazingly smooth hits time and time again! 

When you need the best of both worlds the Puri5 Aviator is a perfect match since you can remove the vape bubbler and just use it as a regular vape. The Hyrdology9 takes a little more commitment to the cause. It’s a bigger unit and it’s a vape bong any way you slice it and that’s that. So if you need discretion go with the Puri5 Aviator but if its party time and you don’t need to be discreet then grab the Hydrology9 and rock out with your _ _ _ _ out!

We hope this has been helpful to those that have wondered about bubblers or bong adapters for a vaporizer. If you know of a unit that you love contact us and tell us about it. We’re always looking for more smoke toys to offer to our customers!