What Is CBD Coffee Like?

CBD Coffee is coffee infused with cannabidiol which is the non psychoactive part of the cannabis plant as well as being present in hemp which is the more commonly used plant to produce CBD products.

This type of CBD product has become one of the latest crazes when it comes to cbd products on the market. According to some sources there are some contradictions when it comes to cbd coffee working at all but the consensus of people that have tried it is different!

One scientist says that heating the cbd like you would when making a cup of coffee can change its effectiveness. The other thought is why would you take something like a stimulant and then add CDB to it would that not cancel each other out?

We decided to try cbd coffee for a week to see what the hype is all about and if there is any real difference between it and regular coffee at all.

The quick take away on it is Yes! Its different but subtly so.

  • Its like regular coffee flavor wise
  • You get energy but without any jitters
  • Its like someone melted a little piece of Xanax in your cup!
  • Energy as well as focus and a mellow feeling all in one shot.
  • Would we drink this everyday from now on? Ohh hell yes!
  • It is on the expensive side but its worth it!

Now please note that is our take away on this coffee based on the cbd cofee for sale in our cbd shop. We can not speak to other brands and their effectiveness but I am sure that this is likely the same for all brands according to what most people report when trying this type of cbd product.

What is the Cost Of CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee comparatively to other types of coffee from a price perspective, think Starbucks prices and your pretty much in the ball park roughly $4 a cup is about what the going rate is when you buy and make your own. As for CBD coffee shops we are not sure on pricing. We did try to do some research to see if any of the local cbd coffee shops listed a price online and they did not.

Pakalolo’s cbd coffee runs right at the $4 a cup mark for an 8oz bag you can squeeze 4-5 cups out of it.

What about CBD Dosage?

As to the dosage on this type of cbd product you are generally getting a 10mg dose which is not enough to really effect any ailments but enough to mellow you out while still allowing the coffee to do its work to keep you fueled up and energetic.

As with all endocanabidiol products everyone has different sensitivity levels so for some more then 1 cup a day might be too much. We took it and replaced our regular coffee regiment of 2-3 cups a day with it and things were perfect. Good mellow feeling, focused and plenty of energy to get things done all day!

Who Should Try CBD Coffee?

If you are looking to try cbd for a condition that requires exact dosing and a high dose something like a cbd edible or cbd oil is going to be more along the lines of what you would want to go with.

However if you want a low dose of cbd or you just want that coffee energy feeling while still getting a bit of mellow all at the same time then cbd coffee is a perfect fit for you.

For someone with some slight anxiety this may also be a great answer to just taking a bit of the edge of but for anyone that is looking to get pain relief or is dealing with a sever condition and really wants to see if cbd is a possible answer to some relief then this is not likely going to be the right fit for you.

As with anything medical please consult with your physician before trying anything! We are not medical doctors and this is not medical advice were giving but the experience that we had first hand with cbd coffee.

For us coffee infused with cbd is definietly something we will be drinking regularly now that we have discovered it and seen first hand how well it works at least for us!

If you have tried cbd coffe and you want to share your experiences with it please reach out to us and we will look at adding your experience to the site as well to get varying opinions from different people.

Like we mentioned before cbd does not effect us all the same so results can vary greatly from person to person depending on their sensitivity to a cbd dosage.