Dispensaries in Alaska

Since 2014 Alaska has allowed marijuana for both medical and recreational use. So not only can you now enjoy the beauty in this state but also have a great time enjoying yourself on a weed-centric vacation! Alaska has been a medical use state off and on since the 70’s or rather there has been decriminalization since then which has been revoked and challenged off and on. Since November 6th of 2014, it seems the battle is finally over and you can now buy marijuana in Alaska legally for both medical and recreational use as long as you are of the legal age of 21 and have valid government ID.

Understanding Alaska Marijuana Laws

* We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice for a complete break down of Alaska’s cannabis law visit the state’s site Alaska also offers this handy ResponsibleConsumerFactBook which we wish every state would offer to its citizens as well as visitors coming to the state.

  • You Must Be 21 Years Of Age and possess a valid government issued ID to purchase cannabis in a dispensary.
  • It Is Legal To Purchase & Possess 1 Ounce Of Marijuana. Alaska is different from other states that there is no purchasing limit however since you are only allowed to possess 1 ounce of cannabis legally Alaska dispensary operators will not sell you more than that at one time. So there is imposed limit by the possession aspect of the law when you buy marijuana in Alaska. There also does not seem to be a differentiation between carrying flower, concentrates, and cannabis edibles as long as it does not exceed one ounce.
  • Only Buy Marijuana From A Dispensary – As in most states that offer legalization you can only obtain weed legally from a licensed dispensary.
  • Transporting Open Containers Of Cannabis– Basically transporting any sort of marijuana that has been opened is illegal, therefore it is best to consume what you have opened. If you have an open container or even a closed on we suggest you put it in the trunk. Some municipalities in Alaska require you to carry it in the trunk although the law does not state this its easiest to go that route and be on the safe side.
  • Federal Parks, Ferries & Such– Since the federal government has not made marijuana legal at this point you are violating federal law by stepping foot on any sort of federally owned or operated land. This will include things like national parks, ferries, and cruise ships. Ferries and cruise ships are controlled by the Coast Guard and therefore fall under Federal jurisdiction as do all the waterways. So while you are in possession of cannabis in Alaska check before visiting any landmarks or using modes of transportation like planes or boats before you decide to go for a visit.
  • Do Not Cross State Lines– As with all states that currently have legalization do not leave that state with any cannabis product on you. It’s best to plan your consumption so that when its time to go home you do not have to toss your unused weed. Here is a handy calculator to help you decide how much marijuana to buy based on your consumption.

Consumption Of Marijuana

  • Consuming Cannabis In Alaska In Public – First of all the law states that you are not allowed to consume pot in public. So don’t roll up a big fatty and spark up! If you are caught smoking in public it is a $100 fine! One thing we always suggest is that you buy a marijuana vaporizer or buy edibles to make consumption discreet. It does not change the fact that consumption in public is illegal.
  • By law, weed consumption is only allowed in private residences – This part of the law is a bit of an issue for people visiting however it is easily overcome by finding a 420 friendly hotel or Airbnb.
  • Using Marijuana Edibles – One way to discreetly consume marijuana is by using edibles. We will caution you however that edibles are not the same as smoking and that if you have not used edibles before that you approach this cautiously. The intensity of the high is much greater than smoking marijuana so start small and gauge the right level for you. There is nothing less fun than getting too stoned to enjoy yourself or even have an episode that lands you in an ER because you get freaked out. Please use edibles with caution!
  • Marijuana Cafes in Alaska – Currently there are talks about allowing dispensaries to add a lounge or cafe area where consumers can sample their products. There is currently a proposal before the regulatory committee to see this happen but it is not in effect yet. If it goes in to affect then visitors, as well as residence, will have a place to go and consume that is not their residence alone. We will keep you updated if this goes into effect.
  • Driving Under The Influence – As in any state and just using good sense driving while impaired by any substance in not a good idea as well as being illegal. This is no different in Alaska. If you are stopped and suspected of being under the influence of cannabis the most likely course of action will be a field sobriety test and if you fail you will be treated just like someone driving under the influence of alcohol. Simple idea here is just don’t do it! It’s not worth it.

Finding A 420 Friendly Place To Stay In Alaska

Finding a legal worry free place to smoke is key to an amazing visit to Alaska. The easiest way to do is to do an internet search on ” 420 friendly hotels in Alaska” and you should come up with quite a few or hit AirBnB and just make sure you choose a place that says 420 friendly. Now you have a home base to enjoy your pot vacation from without having to worry about being hasseled!