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This is where you can find information on anything that relates to the latest in Vaporizers for smoking dry herb, wax or cbd oil as well as other vaping technological developments. Marijuana legalization news, how to start your own cannabis grow and get the best yields. We do not advocate growing in states where it is not legal to grow your own marijuana but in states where growing your own medicine is legal.

Also, check out our section that covers everything you want to know about cannabis. This section covers the different types of marijuana like Indica, Sativa as well as information on Hybrids that have the characteristics of both. Also learn about wax, cbd oils, edibles and more. Where to get trained to become an expert in the booming marijuana industry!

Vaporizers For Smoking Weed – Dry Herb, Wax & CBD Oils

When it comes to smoking your precious cannabis these days you have so many choices its pretty crazy. One of those choices is using a vaporizer. Vapes come in all shapes and sizes and in different configurations depending on what form you like your marijuana in. So if you like oils there is a pen for that that specifically is made to handle CBD oils or you like your wax well there are vapes for that too and then you have your 3 in 1 vaporizers that do it all like our favorite the black widow 3 in 1 vaporizer. Now if you like your dry herb then there is lots of choices one of those is the black mamba vape with nice good size ceramic chamber a glass mouthpiece and a really sweet look. We carry a full line of vapes in our online vape store. Also check out our youtube channel for vaporizer reviews as we get them and test them for performance as well as overall durability. There are definite advantages to using a vaporizer.

Vaporizer W/ Built In Glass Mouthpiece

Advantages of Vaping:

    • It does not draw attention to you.
    • You get the most THC out of vaping
    • It’s almost odorless when you smoke
    • It’s considered better for your health than smoking
    • It will make your pot stretch farther
    • You can use the leftover plant material to make some low potency butter
    • You can virtually smoke anywhere


Glass Pipes, Bongs & Bubblers

Pipes, Bongs & Bubblers For Sale

When it comes to pipes for smoking weed there are more out there than you can count. Glass pipes are getting more and more popular as well as glass blunts which a re a pretty cool way to smoke. We carry a wide selection of pipes, bongs, and bubblers by some of the best in the business. So if you want a new pipe check out our selection of weed pipes and see if we got one you can just not live without. In the knowledge vault, we will also be covering things like how to clean your pipe and pipe reviews of different pipes we have had the opportunity to test. There are lots of different sizes as well as bowl sizes when it comes to pipes for smoking marijuana or tobacco. You can use a pipe for either really.

Why Use A Glass Pipe, Bong Or Bubbler

  • Quick and easy way to smoke
  • They do not get as hot as other pipes
  • You can see the smoke in the pipe
  • They deliver when it comes to taste


Grav Grinder 2.5" Inch For SaleGrinders for dry herb are one of those things that make breaking down your buds so much easier than just using your fingers. There are actually a lot of different types of grinders out there including the electric grinders which are somewhat of a new thing and more often than not a novelty item. We have found one that we are testing right now that is actually a great grinder that does the job nice and easy and well. One thing that you really need a grinder for is if you are going to use a vaporizer on your dry herb. Vapes like to have finely ground marijuana in order to get the best usage out of one. So a grinder that can finely grind your cannabis is a needed addition to anyone that wants to vape their weed.

Why A Grinder

  • Using a vape you need one that can do a fine grind
  • They come in a variety of sizes as well as materials
  • Get the most out of your marijuana by breaking it up
  • It’s great for catching kief from the ground herb
  • Makes a good temporary place to store your ground up weed till you vape it put it in a pipe or roll it up!

Growing Your Own Marijuana

In the knowledge vault, we will cover various techniques on getting the most out of your grow as well as the basics of growing. Also what all you need to even get started in growing your own medicine in those states that allow you to do so. Weed is just that a weed so its somewhat hardy but to get the most out of growing and deciding on how to grow and what method to use can be somewhat trickier.Grow Supplies For All Your Growing Needs

Find out what methods work for you and your situation:

  • Hydroponics – A very popular method but a bit tricky if you do not know what you are doing.
  • Aquaponics – This method is a cool method where you use fish and their waste material for fertilizer. It can be a bit on the tricky side when you first start.
  • Using regular soil – Using regular good old fashioned quality soil and fertilizer is the most forgiving method and easiest for starting off.
  • Growing Marijuana Inside – If you want to grow weed inside then you will need a few things like a grow tent or a room setup for it as well as proper lighting.
  • Growing Weed Outside – This method is great if you have the room and you can do it securely. Also, the area you are in will be a factor and you may not be able to grow year around.

We will also cover the supplies you need for a successful grow like grow tents, grow lights, fertilizers, different mediums, propagation chambers and ventilation.

Marijuana News

Our marijuana news section covers all different types of news related to cannabis and the industry to recipes for edibles or a review of the latest smoking accessories.

Everything You Want To Know About Marijuana – Wax, CBD, Oils, Sativa Indica Hybrids will get covered here as things develop.

Marijuana Education

Getting An Education in the booming marijuana industry is another thing that has become of interest to us. So if you want to know more and get into the business how do you get started?

We will cover schools and websites that can help you along on your quest of becoming an expert on marijuana and all that it encompasses.

There are more and more online schools that you can attend in your spare time and learn all about this industry from growing to what it takes to run a dispensary!