About Texas Weed Syndicate:

We decided to start this site due to the increase in acceptance of Marijuana in use as a medicine as well as recreational use. The funny part is we did a senior thesis in high school in the 80’s on legalization and the benefits of weed. Back then the difficulty in finding pros for legalization was quite difficult but they were there. Now we are at an age where countrywide legalization is starting to become a reality.  Organizations like NORML had a big part to play in this shift in attitude towards this plant.

While the sale of marijuana online is still currently illegal we have built a nationwide dispensary finder that will help anyone in a legal state or visiting one find a dispensary nearby. We also decide to bring you quality legal cannabis products made from hemp by adding a CBD shop and a smoke shop section to accommodate anyone that is looking to find smoking accessories or high-quality CBD products.

As we move on with this site we welcome you to talk to us about anything that you may need but we are not providing you.

If you are an industry expert or insider and want to publish information on our blog we would be happy to speak with you!