We have all heard of the legendary Thai Stick at one time or another in our smoking career. Well, we’re going to talk about how to make your own modern Thai stick or weed cigar whichever you prefer to call it. You don’t need many ingredients to make it happen but you do need some patience. This is not a roll and burn type of a process.

Making Your Own Thai Stick Or Weed Cigar

You’re going to need a few ingredients and miscellaneous items to make your own. Let’s break it down to what is needed so before you even decide to begin you can make sure you have all the ingredients handy.Making Your Own Thai Stick / Weed Cigar

What’s Needed

  • Some high-end quality bud! You will want the fluffiest buds of marijuana possible for this process.
  • Cannabis leaf ( you can substitute a tobacco leaf in a pinch but its not going to be the same )
  • Hemp Line or hemp wick for tying the bud on to the stick.
  • Kebab Stick or a small sliver of bamboo if you want to be traditional about it. Kebab sticks work great and are easy to find.
  • Cannabis Oil which is not too hard to make on your own if you do not have any handy.
  • A lighter or cigar torch to heat things up as needed

That is all you need to make your own modern weed cigar or Thai stick!

The whole process of making this potent weed blunt is going to take a bit over a week so don’t expect to get to smoking too quickly.

So roll you a blunt and let’s start with the process of bringing the Thai stick to life.

Steps In Making A Weed Cigar Or Thai Stick

Making Your Own Thai Stick / All Weed Blunt

  1. Take the Kebab stick and your hemp line. Use the pointy end of the kebab stick and loop the hemp line around it and make a small flat knot that you can stick the pointy end into and twist the hemp line around it 3 or 4 times. This will eventually be the end you smoke your Thai stick from once it’s completed.
  2. Now you will want to skewer your buds on to the weed cigar nice and carefully as well as trying to keep them evenly distributed as well as not allowing for any space in between buds. This will be damn near impossible to do your best and then fill in the gaps with smaller pieces of weed. Make sure you’re careful with the cannabis you do not want to break any of your skewered buds.
  3. Once you have all the bud on the kebab stick you will want to wrap the entire cannabis with the hemp line using spiral movements. Again be careful as to not break up your marijuana buds when doing this.
  4. Now that you have your bud wrapped on to the stick place it in the fridge for the next 24-48 hours.
  5. Once 48 hours have passed and you pull out the stick with the weed on it you will need to get your canna oil,  lighter or cigar torch ready and get your marijuana leaf ready to add to the stick.
  6. Unravel the hemp line that you had previously wrapped around the marijuana buds on the kebab stick. You will notice that the cannabis is sticking to the stick without the assistance of the line.
  7. Now wrap the marijuana leaf around the buds and use some canna oil to keep it all together and secured. Once you are done wrapping the leaf around the buds once again using spiral movements wrap the hemp line around the entire thing. Now leave the entire thing in a cool dry place like a drawer for 3-4 days or back in the refrigerator for two. Repeat this process at a minimum twice but preferably 3 times and be sure to use the canna oil to keep everything together. Use the canna oil generously but don’t soak the Thai stick or cannabis cigar. You do not want it dripping wet with oil when its time to smoke it.
  8. Now once you are done with the last layer and you have let the weed cigar sit for 3-4 days its time to take it out and unravel the hemp line and then gently remove the kebab stick.
  9. Now your modern homemade Thai stick or weed cigar whichever you choose to call it is ready for smoking

So as you can see it’s not too difficult of a process but a lengthy one that will deliver you one potent weed blunt that is all marijuana dipped in canna-oil. If getting marijuana leaf is a problem you can substitute a tobacco leaf but now you are not making a Thai stick but rather a super blunt!

Make Your Own All Weed Blunt ( Thai Stick)

So with a little patience you can be smoking and experiencing what the hippies were smoking on in the 60’s and 70’s when they had the means to get a hold of a Thai Stick!

The one difference is that the original ones were dipped in opium and we just used good old canna oil instead.

This type of weed cigar will burn slower and therefore will burn at about an inch per minute so you can expect to get a good amount of hits of this all weed blunt.

Share with your friends or be greedy and smoke it all to yourself we won’t tell!

If you have made some of these and want to share a shortcut contact us and we will share your tricks and give you credit!