So you decided you are ready to go on your first weed Vacation but now you have some choices to make. According to Wikipedia you now have 8 states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana in the USA to choose from. So now you have to decide where and how you want your weed vacation to go down. Is it gonna be a up in smoke affair or will you also be looking at different activities? Depending on what other activities you want to get into will have a factor on your choice in destination.

One thing you will need to consider no matter where you go is how much weed you will buy. Since you can not take it with you after the trip is done we came up with a simple to use calculator that calculates the amount of marijuana to buy based on your consumption. You can choose how you consume and how much and choose from a length of stay and it will give you a calculation in grams as to what you need to buy to stay high based on how much you normally smoke.


The 8 States To Pot Vacation Are:Pot Vacation Guide

  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • California
  • Alaska
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Oregon & Washington
  • The District Of Columbia

You can check out the Weed Dispensary Finder and see how many dispensaries are close to your destination. Not to worry most states with legalized recreational use have more marijuana dispensaries then McDonald’s in most cases. Ok, let’s dive in and break down our weed vacation destination p[ossibilities and go from there.

1 Our First Weed Vacation destination has to be Colorado

Colorado has been the front-runner of the recreational marijuana game so they have a plethora of dispensaries as well as education and tours all based on the industry. So if you want to get high but also want some knowledge dropped on you while you’re doing it it’s a perfect place to go. In Colorado, you will find some of the best weed to buy in the nation. Almost every dispensary has its own grow operation and are individually owned so you can shop for all types of cannabis strains to try.

Colorado does have the Clean Indoor Air Act so you cant just blaze up anywhere which makes finding the right accommodations a key to having a successful pot vacation in Colorado. It easy enough to find a hotel in the state that is 420 friendly just simply do a google search on 420 friendly hotels in Colorado. Another option is to hit Airbnb and scope out 420 friendly ones of which there are plenty.

 3 Cities Are Prime Destinations For A Pot Vacation

You would think that Denver is the pot capital of the state but it’s not the two Denver suburbs of  Glendale & EdgewaterMarijuana Capitals Colorado

  1. Aspen – This old mining town turned ski resort and place to hang for the rich and famous is a perfect destination if you’re looking at taking a ski trip right along with you marijuana centric vacation. there are several marijuana dispensaries in Aspen that you can visit to get your stash and then hit the slopes! If your planning your vacation in the winter and you want to mix fun in the snow and pot then this destination is a good choice. Aspen also hosts quite a few festivals all year round so be sure to check and see if there is one going on when you decide to visit.
  2. Durango – This town has many outdoor activities all year round like skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, river rafting, fishing, and hiking can all be had and you have a few dispensaries to choose from to get your stash as well. This place is an outdoorsman paradise so if your the type that likes to get back to nature as well as get your smoke on this is a destination to look at.
  3. Denver – If your number one reason to hit Colorado is for consuming marijuana legally and you want the biggest selection of bud around then Denver is the place to be. It’s not just the city but also its suburbs that have more recreational marijuana dispensaries then you can possibly get in in one visit. Plus there are also museums and gardens as well as plenty of places to get your munchies on!

Things To Know About Consuming Marijuana In Colorado

Marijuana is legal in Colorado but there are rules that you will have to follow to avoid an issue with the law.

  • As an out of state adult age 21 or older you are allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis at a time 1 ounce of flower, 8 grams of concentrates, or 800 mg of edibles in any combination totaling 1 ounce.
  • You can only buy your weed from a licensed cannabis dispensary. So no buying pot off some guy on the street.
  • You can not consume marijuana in public and there are currently no cafe’s like in Amsterdam where you can sit and smoke. Proposition 300 has allowed for edibles in some establishments so you do have that choice in consumption.
  • You can only consume cannabis on private property. Which is why if you want to have a successful weed vacation finding 420  friendly accommodations is key!

2 Nevada Is Our Number Two Weed Vacation Destination

Pot Vacation In Las Vegas NevadaNow that Nevada has decided on legalization for recreational use of marijuana you can buy weed all over Nevada. Of Course, this makes Vegas an even more desirable vacation spot! Now you can gamble all day and unwind with a smoke of bud aswell.

Some Current Issues With A Weed Vacation in Las Vegas:

  • It is legal to buy marijuana but as per law, you can only consume it in your private residence.
  • Hotels are not yet up on being 420 friendly most do not want it on their premises especially any tied to a casino. Since casinos have gaming licenses and weed is still illegal federally they do not allow it on premises.
  • It’s a$600 fine if you get caught smoking outside walking around on the strip.
  • There is a push for smoking lounges and cafe’s Amsterdam style but it has not happened yet.

So now what can you do to get your gamble and your smoke on?

  • While not legal discretion will get you pretty far. Using a vape and edibles is one way that might not get you caught but you’re still taking a risk
  • Your best bet is to find a 420 friendly Hotel which is somewhat tough still at this stage.
  • Use an Airbnb that allows smoking is probably your best bet.
  • Another thing that is now popping up is a 420 social club that allows you to get a membership for as little as $10 to $100. There are two we know of Your 420 Club and the other is The Smoke Out Club. Another choice is a mobile social club like Looper that basically is a party bus smoking lounge that does bud crawls.

So there are still some issues here but it’s still a worthwhile destination in our minds just because you get the glitz and glamour of Vegas and you can toke up at the same time. It’s just a bit inconvenient at the moment but give it a year or two and you will find the hotel industry has caught up and more smoking lounges will pop up all over the strip!

So, for now, enjoy responsibly and discreetly!

Our Number 3 Destination For Your Cannabis Vacation is California

California has been in the medical marijuana game for a min but as of 2018 has also kicked off the recreational use of cannabis making it an ideal destination with lots of strains and choices in bud to choose from.Pot Dispensaries In California

Some of your best destinations in Cali for a pot vacation are San Francisco, San Diego, The Emerald Triangle and Los Angeles.

The best time to go to California and experience the weed culture there is to go on April 20th. Yes, that is 420! On that day you will find numerous weed oriented events.

  • San Francisco – There is really no bad time of year to come to this city and have a great cannabis experience. There are lots of dispensaries as well as smoking lounges around for you to enjoy a smoke and move on.
  • San Diego – Is a great place to visit if you want to combine your weed experience with an IPA brewery one as well. Lots of tours of breweries here and check out West Coast Cannabis Tours for a great time on a weed tour of the area. Also, make sure not to ride around in a car too much in San Diego it is a prime border patrol area so it’s not wise to ride around with cannabis in the car.
  • Los Angeles – LA is a late adopter but is growing into an awesome cannabis destination as well as all the posh living and shopping you would expect from the city.  Here are some of the highlights of things to see if you like weed and want to experience some in the city.  Be sure to visit  Buds & Roses for some of the best in celebrity strains and  Patients Care Group should be your other stop for a taste of the ever-potent train wreck strain!
  • The Emerald Triangle – This is the best destination in California for those of you that consider yourselves Cannabis connoisseurs. Many famous trains come from this area and if you want to truly go to a full-fledged weed resort then it has to be Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch. Its a fully functioning ranch that offers a daily 420 bar and education on cannabis wellness!

Follow The Rules In California:

  • As most legal states smoking in the public is not allowed. You will see people doing it but it is not legal and you can get fined for doing it.
  • If you have a rental car and you hit a dispensary put your cannabis purchases in the trunk in Cali it is illegal to transport marijuana in the cabin of a vehicle.

So enjoy California and all the bud it has to offer. Just keep in mind if you are not a heavy user be careful with dab and edibles. One dab hit can be as strong as smoking a whole joint so it’s not for the recreational user that is not seasoned. Edibles are amazing but make sure you consume them in small dosages until you can gauge how much is right for you. You don’t generally want to exceed more than 10mg of THC in an edible. That is not a rule but just a general statement. Edibles can get people in trouble because you may not feel the effects right away.

4 On Our List For A Pot Vacation Is Alaska

Cannabis Vacation In AlaskaThe best time to visit Alaska is the summer. If you want some beautiful scenery and the outdoors this state is a perfect destination for you. Anchorage is the best place for a pot-centric vacation in Alaska. It has the most dispensaries and 420 friendly places to stay, We recommend using Airbnb and looking for a smoke friendly flat to spend your vacation in rather than a hotel.

What you need to know about how legalization works in Alaska:

  • Like most states, you are only allowed to use marijuana in private residences or designated shops. There are a few smoke lounges as well that you can visit in Anchorage.
  • This state has the most relaxed laws when it comes to pot but all the basics still apply. Don’t smoke in public, don’t consume and drive, don’t fly or get on a boat with weed on you.
  • When your transporting weed put it in the trunk of the car or behind the second seat if it is a hatchback

If you’re interested in a cannabis tour while your there check out Juneau Cannabis Tours!

5 On Our List Is Maine

Marijuana Bed & Breakfast MaineYup lobster country is now also a place you can enjoy marijuana recreationally! It’s still a new thing to the state but what got my attention is what I am going to call the bud and breakfast! Ok, it’s a cannabis B&B in Maine that caters to the pot heads that want to come and enjoy some quality mary jane while enjoying the property and the 16 acres it sits on. Check it out for yourself at to get all the details. They do not sell marijuana but they just give you a goodie bag with some cannabis in it. You can also bring your own and enjoy it in this cannabis friendly Inn. The proprietor’s idea is to turn this into the equivalent of a vineyard but for marijuana. So you can tour the grounds and learn how marijuana is grown and harvested.

The other cool thing about this place is that it is located in an old 8 bedroom mansion so it’s super cozy and perfect for romantic couples that like to enjoy their ganja together.

So currently there is a lack of recreational dispensaries so it’s a bit of a bummer on that front. However, if you have a medical marijuana card your golden in Maine and have lots of choices.

I am sure in the next few years recreational dispensaries will start popping up. Recreational is still new to Maine and the big issue is that while its legal the necessary license to sell legally has not been set up yet. Once this gets resolved Maine should become another popular pot vacation destination! For now, the B&B is worth the trip alone. They do not sell cannabis but rather give it to you so this allows them to operate legally!

Destination 6 On the Cannabis Vacation List is Massachusetts

We’re just going to quickly touch on Massachusetts while recreational marijuana has passed it is still lagging behind in recreational dispensaries so it’s only a destination if you have medical marijuana card otherwise at this point its best to choose one of our other destinations. We have the state listed because it does allow recreational use but dispensaries have not yet opened to sell recreational marijuana.

7 Is Oregon & the State of Washington

Oregon has embraced recreational as well as medical cannabis use and boasts a huge selection of dispensaries as well as many pot centric recreational activities. There are marijuana tours as well as social clubs to partake in.

Things to know about Pot Consumption In Oregon

  • As in most legal states, it is not permitted to smoke out in public. Consumption is to be in a home or private property.
  • Use a vape for discretion but know it is not legal to smoke outside in parks or public areas. Fines and even jail time can be a penalty for smoking in public.
  • Check the area you are going to visit because some cities in Oregon have banned the recreational use and do not allow the sale of cannabis in their jurisdictions.
  • Find a nice 420 friendly Air BNB or hotel that is cannabis friendly and have at it!
  • Oregon has many marijuana-related activities including social clubs, events, and tours.
  • Possesion Limits – if you are of the legal age which is 21 and have a valid id you can possess 1 ounce of usable cannabis (i.e. dried flower), 5 grams of cannabis concentrates or extracts, 16 ounces of cannabis edibles in solid form and72 ounces of cannabis products in liquid form. Please, double check Oregon marijuana laws in order to assure you do not break the law.
Visiting Washington State for a Pot Vacation

Some pointers on consuming weed in Washington:

  • Seattle is the best destination for a Cannabis oriented trip in our opinion. It boasts the biggest concentration of marijuana dispensaries in the state and therefore the best selection for a cannaisseur.
  • There are lots of 420 friendly hotels as well as Air BNB’s so finding a place to stay is not an issue.
  • Buy Cannabis Legally – Buy in one of the hundreds of marijuana dispensaries In Seattle and keep the receipt just in case you get hassled by police having a shit day.
  • Smoking Weed In Public – It is illegal to smoke weed in public in Seattle but the fine is so small that you will see it as a common occurrence. Use common sense and don’t smoke around people that are not smoking or when kids are around. Buying a portable vaporizer is also a good idea to keep your consumption discreet if you do decide to push the limits in Seattle.

8 The District of Columbia

Weed Vacation In Washington DCWell, who doesn’t want to visit our glorious capital and blaze up at the same time? Its a bit complicated to cannacation in DC at this point. While recreational use of cannabis is perfectly legal it is illegal to sell recreational marijuana so this leaves things a bit on the grey side as to how to obtain some weed to smoke while you’re out there.

The interesting thing is that it is perfectly legal for a 21-year-old adult to give up to 1 ounce of weed to another person of age (21). So what is happening is there are places that will sell you a backpack for example and the marijuana in it is a gift so you are not buying the weed you are buying an item and the cannabis is a gift! If you do decide to partake in DC look for the pink fox where you can buy an item and get a cannabis gift!

Things to know about getting and using marijuana in DC:

  • The Pink Fox – I am sure there are more than just this lifestyle brand that will sell you an item with an accompanying gift of ganja but this is one we know about. Getting details on this is Simple! Reach out and make an appointment to purchase a retail item. To make an appointment,  shoot an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also text or call us at 202.322.6180.
  • Get a medical marijuana card – Another option is getting a medical card which we hear is easy in DC. Then you can visit one of the many medical dispensaries and toke up.
  • Smoking – You are only allowed to smoke pot in private residences or private property. As always we recommend you buy a vape and do it discreetly.
  • Types of Cannabis – You can use edibles, concentrates as well as dry herb legally.

So while this is not the most convenient place for a pot vacation you can easily make DC a destination to enjoy for its history as well as getting high and enjoying all the city has to offer. We also understand there are puff puff pass paint parties that will let you buy some art and get weed as a gift!

That does it for all the places that currently offer you a vacation while you blaze up! If you know of a location or a place in the USA to hit for a cannacation please reach out to us and let us know about it!