This is probably the most common question we get asked by professionals that are subject to drug testing at work and where one failed drug test can cost them their license. The answer to this question is not simple so here goes a somewhat long answer to this.

Yes, you can have a false positive when you take CBD however this can generally be easily remedied by taking a better quality drug test like a hair follicle or blood test. Here is where the danger is in testing positive when you are using CBD. If the drug test being used is cheap it can cause a false positive due to the fact that endocannabinoids are similar in make up a cheap test can show levels of THC by mistake because of the similar chemical makeup of endocannabinoids and THC is just the one in the family that is tested for that produced psychoactive results.

Here are a few solutions to the problem. One is to take a CBD product that has untraceable amounts of THC in it. These are generally called 0 THC products and you will see it on the label somewhere. Stay away from full-spectrum CBD products as they contain the legal amount of .03% THC. This is still such a low amount it should  not trigger a test however better as safe as possible.

So what do you do if you end up with a false positive on a drug test?

The easiest way to clear this up or to even just avoid it entirely is to ask for a hair follicle or blood test instead of a urine test. This will ensure that you get an accurate test that will not give a false positive and show that you are not using any illegal substances.