Can You Use An Espresso Machine To Extract Cannabinoids?

Well apparently so! A study was done in Spain by the Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Valencia, Jeroni Muñoz Building, 50th Dr. Moliner St., 46100 Burjassot, Valencia, Spain. You can check out some of the details on the study at this site

But yes, in short, you can use an espresso machine for fast cannabinoid extraction. The study done in Spain used a $300 espresso machine to do their research.

The Cannabinoid Extraction Study:

Cannabis Extraction Using An Espresso MachineResearches used some marijuana that was confiscated by Spanish law enforcement and by using a common laboratory solvent and the confiscated marijuana were able to create cannabis extracts using a hard cap espresso machine.

The Study Determined:

The researchers compared the cannabis extracts made using their espresso machine extraction method to the more traditional way of making cannabis extracts using ultrasound, gas chromatography and ion mobility spectrometry using 2- propanol as the solvent.

The study determined that using the espresso machine cannabis extraction method was comparable to the much more costly method mentioned above.

This method of extraction will need more research in laboratory settings to be completely fleshed out as a proven way to extract cannabis.

We just found this to be a very interesting tidbit of information as well as making us think that maybe in the near future someone will have the bright idea of making a cannabis extraction machine using espresso machine technology as a base!

What The Future May Have In Store!

Much like some of the current machines to help you in making canna oil and other marijuana-infused type edibles. You can certainly do it without the assistance of machines but it definitely makes the process much easier as well as time-saving.

I know I for one will never look at my espresso machine in the same way!