300mg CBD Oil Cartridge Lemon Cake SativaIf you are familiar with CBD supplements then you already know that you can get CBD oil, concentrates, sprays and even suppositories but what you might not have known is that you can also now vape your dose using a CBD cartridge. This is one of the fastest ways of getting a dosage other than using a suppository which is definitely the most convenient way to go.

Who Can Benefit From Using CBD Cartridges For Getting a Dose?

The short answer is everyone that wants to get a dose on the go and they need it to be fast acting. Where this is not ideal for everyone it is perfect for someone that has a condition like anxiety, PTSD or chronic pain or reduce nausea. These conditions do not have the time required for you to digest your CBD which can take up to 90 minutes to start giving you the desired effects. This is where using a cartridge or vape juice made from CBD comes in. It is one of the fastest ways to dose by bypassing digestion the effects of your dosage can be felt much faster.

CBD Cartridge Benefits

  • Helps to get CBD in your system faster than having to digest it
  • You can virtually dose anywhere.
  • It’s discreet to the point where you can dose in front of people and they will never know it.
  • Just keep a vaporizer with some CBD oil in your pocket at all times and you can dose on the go as needed.
  • Perfect for people on the go that suffer from anxiety, mood swings, PTSD or chronic pain.
  • You can find quite a few different selections of flavors as well as strengths available one which will be perfect for your required dose.
  • Choose from refillable or disposable CBD cartridges as well as a variety of flavors.

So What CBD Cartridges or Vape Juice Is Out There?

We have quite a few different types of CBD cartridges for sale and are always out digging up more as we find them we will add them to our store so you can choose from a large variety of selections from different makers. Most manufacturers use some proprietary ingredients however all use quality hemp that is legally grown to make their products. You can also check lab results on some of these. As we get them from the manufacturers we add them here for your convenience.

Here is our current selection of CBD cartridges to choose from including aa variety of dosages from 100mg of CBD per 1ml to 500mg of CBD per 1ml. 

5 different flavors!

250mg prefilled gold cbd oil cartridge

4 different flavors!

Mint Flavored CBD Oil

2 available flavors!

 How to choose whats a good one for you?

When it comes to deciding on a cbd cartridge that is going to work for you the main thing to determine is depending on your condition and body weight how much of a dosage do you need to get the desired effects? Once you have determined that then you will want to get the best strength for dosing. 

Here is what the deal is, if you get a strength that is too low then it may take quite a lot of hits to get the dosage you want in your system and if you get one that is too strong then you will always get too high of a dose.

How do I figure out the dosage I need?

This can be somewhat tricky and you need to possibly do some research or talk to a holistic practitioner and find out what the best dosage is for you and then dial that in. Since another factor is your tolerance levels to cannabinoids. Here are some basic ideas and help on how to determine dosages

Truly the best plan is to talk to a medical professional that can help you determine what is best for your condition. Your main objective is to get the right amount of CBD to get your desired effects.

So Who Are CBD Cartridges Not For?

Using a cartridge or vape juice for CBD dosing is a great way to go for most people but there are downsides. The main one being that the effects do not last as long.

  • If you do not need fast effects
  • If you need the dosage to last a long time.
  • If Vaping is an issue in your environment.

So there are not many drawbacks to inhaling your dose as vapor but there are some. The main one being that while its a fast way to dose it does not last as long. Where using an edible you can get 4-6 hours of effects with inhaling you’re more in the 2-hour range. So vaping it is fast acting where using a CBD edible or spray is longer lasting.