5 Easy Step LEVO Oil Infuser


LEVO Oil Infuser will take your edibles to another level!


What’s New With The New LEVO II Oil Infuser

  • 3 Settings, 1 Machine: Dry and Activate herbs before you Infuse
  • Wifi connectivity makes it easy to set your infusions and monitor progress on the go from the LEVO app
  • New ceramic coated, slanted reservoir, designed to wick oil and butter out with ease
  • Power Pod included along with a re-engineered silicone stirrer

Here is what all you can do with this infuser:

  • Create your own Butter & Oil Herb Infusions
  • The lockout feature keeps out kids little fingers from places they should not be.
  • A simple LED interface makes it very easy to Operate
  • Small Batch friendly
  • Choose Your Own Infusion Strength and Strain levels
  • The Cooking Components are Dishwasher Safe
  • Emulsifier Free, Solvent Free & Additive Free Infusion

What You Get When You Buy The Levo Oil Infuser

  • Silicone Stirrer – Our gentle infusion method won’t aerate your final product
  • Ceramic Coated Reservoir – Infuse up to 19 oz at a time and dispense every drop with our new slanted reservoir (dishwasher safe!)
  • Power Pod – Double the capacity to infuse more potent oils.




The LEVO Oil Infuser Is a perfect Edition For Anyone That makes Their Own Edibles!

With this system, you can easily make butter as well as oils and infuse them with amazing flavor, color, nutrients, and scent. Take any herbs of your choice and easily infuse them into butter or oils using this infuser. The LEVO oil infuser gives you the ability to have full control over all your ingredients as well as the quantity of butter or oil you produce. This system was specifically developed to take the mess and long wait times out of home infusion.

You can also easily make small batches of oils and butter giving you the flexibility to produce just what you need for your current cooking needs. The LEVO oil infuser is designed to use a gentle infusion which means your ingredients will not be aerated which will improve their shelf life.  Make oils that you can infuse to make ointments, body scrubs, creams and more all by using this wonderful device.

The LEVO oil infuser’s components are made to be dishwasher safe making clean up and maintenance simple and fast! This infuser is a perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

The New Levo II now lets you decarboxylate your marijuana using the machine making the process even easier than before. You can also connect to the unit via blue tooth and an app on your phone to control your infusion while you are out and about or in another room. With the app, you also get history and use time stats. A time and temperature calculator and a way to share and discover recipes are also included.


5 Simple Steps to Levo Oil Infusion:

  1. Fill Infusion Basket
  2. Attach Infusion Basket Via Magnet
  3. Add Any Food Based Oil (5oz to 16oz)
  4. One Touch Time & Temperature
  5. Dispense Infused Product

It’s just that simple to start making your own butter and oils using the LEVO Oil Infuser!

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 11.5 in
Available Colors:

Black, Red, White, Yellow, Blue


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