A CBD inhaler is an inhaler using the same medical technology as an asthma inhaler that delivers an accurate fast acting dosage of CBD.

CBD inhalers are a game changer in the sense that they are truly the first product in the hemp industry that is truly purely designed to be used in a way that we use modern medicine.

This delivery method is just as fast acting as using cbd flower or a cbd cartridge with the difference being that if you are adverse to smoking or are in an environment that it is frowned up on no one is going to give you a second look when you pull out what appears to be an asthma inhaler to get a fast acting dose of cbd!

How Effective Are CBD Inhalers?

Using a CBD inhaler is just as effective as smoking or vaping cbd and it’s a much cleaner more medically precise way of dosing cbd. With cartridges or flower while you get immediate results just like using an inhaler the dosing is very in accurate. This is where this method shines. Inhalers allow a precise preset dose to be administered every time making them the most effective way to get the benefit of CBD in your system.

Since this method delivers this natural medicine to the lungs the effects are felt almost immediately, which makes this the most effective way for people that have a need for immediate relief to dose their CBD. Conditions like anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain and indigestion are some that come to mind that cannot wait for something like a cbd edible to begin to work. An inhaler by passes the digestive system and can therefore enter the blood stream much faster via the lungs making this and sublingual tinctures some of the most effective way to get immediate relief!

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Inhalers?

The benefit of using an inhaler are many. Some are as simple as just being discreet but there are many more.

CBD Inhaler Benefits:

  • You can dose discreetly
  • Dosing is accurate
  • They are fast acting
  • Easy to carry with you wherever you go

The other question some people have is what sort of conditions is this type of dosing best suited for? Well the simple answer is that this is as effective if not more so then any other way of using CBD.

However, using a CBD inhaler is ideal for people with the following conditions or symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Stress relief
  • Pain
  • Digestive Issues
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Anyone that suffers from any condition where waiting for 30-90 minutes to get relief is agony!
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How Do You Use A CBD Inhaler?

Using a cbd inhaler is just as simple as using an asthma inhaler!

  • Remove the cap and hold the inhaler in an upright position
  • Shake the inhaler before use
  • Tilt your head back slightly and exhale
  • Press down on the inhaler to release the cbd as you start to inhale slowly
  • Breathe in slow for about 3-5 seconds & then hold your breath for about 10 seconds to allow the cbd to be absorbed in your lungs
  • Wait 1 minute in between dosing to allow the dose to be absorbed by your lungs.
  • Repeat as needed or prescribed by your physician

CBD Oil Inhalers Instead of Smoking CBD Flower Or Carts

Defintive Guide On CBD Flower & Smoking It!

Many people are turning to CBD as a way to quit smoking or to find immediate relief from stress, anxiety, PTSD or pain. Since smoking or using a cartridge allows fast absorption its a great way to get the beneficial effects of cbd within minutes if not less. Where these are perfectly acceptable ways of using CBD there are some issues with it.

  • Dosing is no precise
  • You cannot dose in places where smoking is prohibited
  • It’s somewhat inconvenient

An inhaler is something you can use anywhere and do so without anyone even giving you a second look. It is also precise so you can get exactly the right amount in your system to get the desired effect.

For anyone using CBD medicinally we can only recommend this method as one of the best ways to get an accurate dose as well as quick relief from any medical condition you are taking it for.

Sometimes smoking and using a cartridge is the way to go especially if you are a smoker then sometimes smoking cbd flower or using a cbd oil cartridge can be a great way to break yourself from the nicotine habit!