AS CBD is becoming more and more popular CBD Flower has become a topic of discussion and people are wondering about it. What its like, what it does and if its legal? Were going to answer all that for you and let you decide if it’s for you or not!

CBD Flower is the dried bud of a hemp plant. It is non psychoactive due to its low levels of THC and is 50 states legal when THC content is less than .3%

CBD flower is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not effect your mental faculties or get you high in any way. However you will get the benefits of all the other cannabinoids plus the synergistic effects of the small amount of THC without any high or paranoia. If you are someone that likes the relaxing feeling of smoking marijuana from a legal dispensary in your area but you also have a need to keep a clear head but still get the mellow then CBD flower is something you should consider!

What Is CBD?
What is THC?

What Is The Best CBD Flower?

When it comes to cbd flower for smoking just like with anything not all flower is created equal. There are quite a few factors in what makes for good bud and they are much like the prerequisites for cannabis. Different strains also exist and that becomes a factor in which are good.

Genetics as well as the grow facilitiy and the care taken in growing the plant as well as harvesting it and curing the flower properly make a difference in how good the hemp flower will be to smoke.

We offer cbd flower for sale that is grown by growers that used to grow medical marijuana and have switched over to growing high grade cbd flower. Making their product the best cbd flower we have ever tried! Its got a high amount of  CBD content that will be no less then 14%.

Some things to look for when you buy cbd flower

  • The buds should look just like marijuana buds and be tight and green in color.
  • A good quality flower will generally have lab test results provided by the grower.
  • It will be properly cured which you will be able to see by looking at the color as well as how tight the bud is.
  • It should smell somewhat like a cannabis bud but less pungent and break up much in the same way.
  • When you smoke it, it should not be harsh.
  • If the flower looks brown and dried out do not buy it. That is flower that has dried out or was never cured properly.
  • When you smoke it you should be able to taste the flavors and terpenes of the strain.
  • If it is super cheap it is likely also low quality and will likely be a low amount of cbd type flower.

These have been our observations when purchasing and evaluating hemp buds for smoking. When you take the raw material and turn that in to a concentrate or oil for making topicals or edibles this is not as critical but when you smoke bad cbd flower you will not want to smoke that bud again!

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Is CBD Flower Legal In All 50 States?

Thanks to the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 CBD products that contain less then .3 percent of THC are now 50 states legal. This act separated Hemp from Cannabis and put it under the control of the FDA. There is some grey areas on cbd edibles and other types of products that are cbd and can be ingested like cbd oil and such but the FDA is aware of this and is in the process of revising its regulation as of 2019. CBD Flower as long as it conforms to the less than .3% standard is completely legal.

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The Effects & Benefits Of CBD Flower

Defintive Guide On CBD Flower & Smoking It!

The benefits of smoking cbd flower is much like the benefits of smoking medical grade cannabis minus the psychological effects. One benefit you get from smoking or vaping CBD flower is that there is what is called the entourage effect which just simply means that when all the cannabinoids are present they work together to give you greater benefit and since low levels of thc exist in the flower versus using a concentrate or an isolate you get the full entourage effect without the high!.

The effects and benefits of CBD Flower:
  • The biggest benefit to cbd flower is when you smoke it you get immediate effects within minutes which makes it perfect for people with anxiety, ptsd or anyone that needs immediate relief.
  • The entourage effect since all cannabinoids are present in cbd flower even tho the thc is at a lower level than in the cannabis plant.
  • A mellowing relaxing effect while still being clear headed. Perfect for people in high stress environments that need to mellow out and still be alert and completely clear minded.
  • Helps with chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, ADHD (studies are currently being done), arthritis, bipolar disorder ( studies are being done), depression, Fibromyalgia and it has shown some cancer fighting properties. These are just some of the things that CBD can help you with. Its also great for something as simple as a post workout supplement to help with muscle soreness.

Like with anything else that you smoke there are some down sides to smoking cbd flower since anything that is brought to the point of combustion creates carcinogens. It is still way better for you then smoking tobacco related products.

Will CBD Flower Cause You To Fail A Drug Test?

The answer to this question is a tricky one. Due to the sticky nature of THC and cannabinoids and the fact that a simple urine drug test can give a false positive just because cannabinoids are very much alike and even a 0 thc product like a cbd isolate can cause a false positive. So that is the bad news on that.

Now here is some ways to combat this if it happens to you. You will want to request a blood test or a hair follicle test which should not cause a false positive which should then clearly show that you are not taking anything illegal.

The other issue is that peoples metabolisms are different and thc does accumulate which can make a urine test give a false positive.

So if your taking a cbd product and you are in an environment that is very strict on drug testing you might want to request a blood or hair follicle test to prevent having to deal with a false positive in a urine test.

Common CBD Flower FAQS

Why Smoke It?

Its the fastest way to get CBD in to your system with effects being felt in mere minutes!

How does it taste?

Taste of cbd flower varies depending on the strain much like when you smoke cannabis. The closest way to describe the taste of cbd flower is to compare it to smoking marijuana. It is very close in flavor but more subdued meaning the flavors are more subtle and not as overpoweringly potent as some marijuana strains.

Is it smooth or harsh?

It is smooth when it is properly grown, harvested and cured the harshness is comparable to a good hydro cannabis bud. On a sidenote if you are sensitive to things irritating your throat then using a vaporizer for flower is the best way to go.

What Does CBD Flower Smell Like?

It smells a lot like cannabis flower but not as potent.

Why is it perfect for people that get paranoid on cannabis?

It’s just like cannabis without the psychoactive effects. Since it lacks large enough amounts of  thc and only contains small amounts of that cannabinoid there are no psychoactive effects. The only thing you will notice is a mellowing effect but there will be no high. Think of it almost like a body high. You get all the effects on the body with non of the mental aspects that cause paranoia or anxiousness.

Can you get to high a dosage from CBD Flower?

It is possible to get too much cbd in your system and have adverse effects. Mainly things like nausea, diarrhea and anxiety are symptoms.

The best way to prevent this is to take it easy and slowly smoke with some pauses until you get the desired effects and no more. Everyone’s endocannabinoid systems is different and therefore the best method is too slowly take a small dose and then ramp up until you get the desired effect and then coast until it wears off and you need more.

A CBD overdose won’t kill you but it can be uncomfortable.

Hemp CBD Flower Vs High THC Cannabis Flower.

Hemp flower and cannabis flower are pretty much the same except for the THC levels in each plant. Hemp has much lower levels of thc present where cannabis has a higher dosage which is why a marijuana bud will get you high and a hemp one will not. You will get the same body benefits but the hemp flower will leave you clear minded and relaxed where the cannabis will have a psychoactive impact.