At this point pretty much everyone has herd of CBD and how great it is but is CBD For Dogs? Well the short answer is yes, it is and it helps with many of the same conditions that humans take cannabidiol for like pain and inflammation, seizures and cancer. However, many of these claims have been severely under -studied so there is not as much conclusive evidence as one would like however. People have reported that their pets general wellbeing has been improved by giving them CBD pet treats or a cbd oil. Many of the conditions that CBD seems to affect favorably are general pain and inflammation like arthritis which many dogs suffer from as they age just like us humans.

CBD for dogs comes in many forms so you are bound to find one that will work for your dog no matter how picky of an eater you may be dealing with.

CBD For Dogs

Some of the CBD Pet Products you will find for your fur baby are:

  • Bacon Flavored CBD Dog Biscuits
  • Freeze Dried Chicken CBD Treats
  • Peanut Butter Dog Treats
  • Freeze Dried Salmon Treats which are also perfect for Cats
  • Pet CBD Oil
  • Pet CBD Tinctures

One of these products is bound to fit the bill for your dog or cat and have them craving these treats instead of avoiding them. The other nice thing about using a CBD oil or tincture is that you can easily just mix that into the dog food.

Why CBD & Not THC?

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid and you should avoid giving it to your dog or cat. CBD products for dogs contain very little or no THC at all so there are not any psychoactive results.

Now CBD shares some of the same metabolic pathways as other anti-inflammatory drugs and it is not psychoactive.

We do not recommend that you give marijuana products to your animals. However, CBD products can improve your dog’s quality of life when used in conjunction with other treatments.

Currently, there has been a lack of study of THC on dogs, so we see no reason to use it since we really do not know if there are any beneficial effects.

Elements That Make Up CBD Pet Treats

CBD For Dogs With Pain & Arthritis

If your dog is suffering from general aches and pains many dog owners that have given CBD to their dog have reported that there have significantly less pain than before. Cannabidiol has some of the same properties as the general anti-inflammatory that we use every day like ibuprofen.

This is why it makes for a great all-natural remedy for dogs with general aches and pains or arthritis. Studies have shown that CBD greatly reduces pain in dogs with arthritis when they are given a proper dosage of CBD twice daily.

Can CBD Help Dogs With Seizures?

When it comes to using CBD for dogs with seizures there does seem to be evidence that it does help especially for dogs with idiopathic epilepsy. Currently the research suggest that CBD can reduce seizure when used in conjunction with traditional anti-seizure medicines.

There is currently very little research on the effects of CBD for seizures in dogs unlike the many studies that have been done on this subject in people.

The nice thing about trying CBD for dogs with seizures is that it is an all-natural remedy so it certainly cannot hurt when given in proper dosages.

Can Dogs With Anxiety Benefit From CBD?

While plenty of dog owners report that cannabidiol has helped their dog with anxiety there has been no studies to suggest this. Also, since there is a lack of THC in these products which would mean that there is a lack of psychoactive interaction CBD would not help a dog with anxiety. Now from personal experience as someone that takes cbd products and smokes CBD Flower from time to time during times of stress and anxiety and getting a benefit one would think that this would also be the case in animals. While CBD is not psychoactive it does seem to have a calming and mellowing affect. Also, if your fur baby’s anxiety is caused by pain then elevating that pain might just cause that anxiety level to lower.


For every 10 pounds of your dog’s weight you can give them 1mg of CBD. This is considered a medium dosage starting point. If you need to start smaller then cut it to .5mg per every 10 pounds.


CBD does not seem to have any drug interactions when given to dogs or cats. However, since it is a theoretical risk, we recommend you check with your veterinarian before starting any of your pets on a CBD regimen.

Help us build out or FAQ section and let us know your questions and we will get answers for you and add them to our frequently asked questions section on CBD questions when it comes to giving it to your pets.