If you have your own small business, whether online or a brick and mortar shop, then you should consider carrying CBD products. With CBD soaring in popularity these days it has outgrown its place as a small niche product to talked about by everyone and offered almost everywhere. In the past, it could only be found in smoke shops or hippie health food stores, but that is not the case anymore. Now this exceedingly popular natural remedy can be found in gas stations, convenience stores, bike shops, grocery chains, beauty supply stores, and many, many more. Almost everywhere is carrying it these days as it is a very easy way to make a little extra money and be part of a revolution that is sweeping the world. For example, if you are a bike shop you may carry CBD and promote it as an excellent way to recover your muscles after strenuous outdoor activity. If you are a salon, you may carry some CBD infused products for skin or hair care that your customers will dig. Maybe you are a small tea shop and carry some CBD infused edibles and teas to be enjoyed while relaxing after a long day. No matter what your niche CBD can be an excellent product to round out your offering and make an awesome impulse buy for your customers. On top of that, you are helping to empower a movement of like-minded people to seek alternative medicinal products before resorting to addictive prescriptions or invasive surgeries.

If you are looking for CBD products in bulk then look no further! Texas Weed Syndicate is your premier CBD products distributor and sure to become your one-stop-shop. We have everything you need to stock your business with the latest and greatest in CBD products with the best prices available. Our products are sure to please your customers and turn them into customers for life. Not only putting money in your pocket but also establishing your business as an essential part of the CBD community. The CBD community and industry is growing exponentially and anticipated to become a $20 billion industry in 2020. Check out the products we offer below and watch your margins soar!

CBD Cartridges and E-Liquid

One thing is certain and that is that vaping has surely come to dominate the world. Many people these days enjoy nicotine products and other herbal supplements without the need to smoke them in a traditional sense. This is done in two main ways, with a vaporizer that handles dry herbs and nicotine salts or a vaporizer that specializes in juices infused with nicotine, CBD, or others known as e-liquid. At Texas Weed Syndicate we have a variety of CBD infused cartridges and e-liquids that are meant to be used with a vaporizer. We also carry the vape pens, batteries, and accessories themselves if you are looking to stock them in your smoke shop, CBD shop, or other adult novelty store. These are wildly popular and if you are looking for wholesale CBD cartridges or e-liquids, then be sure to check out our selection.

CBD Hemp Flower

Our wholesale CBD hemp flower fits the other side of the equation mentioned above. CBD flower is perfect for putting into a dry herb vaporizer and getting the beautiful taste of cannabis while receiving the effects fast. It also is perfect for rolling into a joint, packing a bowl, or smoking out of a water pipe. We offer five tremendous strains that are sure to light up the senses, dance on the palate, and promote the ultimate in relaxation. CBD hemp flower is another excellent addition to smoke shops, CBD shops, and other adult novelty stores. Grab the best wholesale CBD hemp flower and phenomenal prices right here at Texas Weed Syndicate.

CBD Concentrates

Perfect for a dab rig or a dab pen. However, concentrates are useful for a lot more than just smoking them. They can be mixed into food, drink, or skincare products to make your own CBD infused products right at home. We offer CBD wax, CBD shatter, CBD crumble, and CBD isolate. While the first three are often better suited for smoking, CBD isolate is often the perfect product to be mixed with homemade CBD infused products. These also make a great addition to smoke shops and CBD shops but could also find their way into small health food stores and natural beauty supply stores, especially the CBD isolate.

CBD Cream for Pain and CBD Lotion

These topicals are perfect for almost any business out there. Whether you have an outdoor sporting goods shop, beauty supply store, bike shop, or anything in between. CBD topicals appeal to many different people from many different backgrounds. They are especially useful for athletes looking for a recovery solution as well as those who are getting up there in age and are dealing with chronic pain. If you are looking for a CBD cream for pain and CBD lotion wholesale then be sure to check out our awesome selection. Outfit your shop with the best stuff today and give your customers what they are looking for!

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles have exploded in popularity and none more so than CBD gummies. CBD gummies are so popular because not only are they delicious to take but they are also easy to transport, discreet, and simple to get the right dosage. CBD edibles may take a little bit longer for the desired effects to kick in but when they do the effects last much longer, meaning more anxiety relief, less pain, and no depression for longer. CBD edibles and CBD gummies are also an excellent way to take CBD if taking for general health. We offer a variety of CBD gummies as well as delicious CBD infused peanut butter and CBD infused honey. CBD edibles are another product that can be right at home in a huge variety of mom and pop shops as well as online businesses.

CBD Capsules and CBD Tinctures

We have a huge variety of CBD capsules and CBD tinctures for wholesale to choose from. CBD capsules are an excellent way to take CBD for long-lasting relief and they are free from taste. This makes them awesome for those looking to take CBD without flavor or add to the mix of daily multivitamins. Tinctures are another excellent way of taking CBD if you are looking for quick relief. Just drop a few drops under the tongue and let it dissolve. Within minutes you feel the pain or anxiety melt away. These also make a great addition to many business types and look great near the register. They make a great impulse buy!

CBD Pet Products

Don’t forget about your little furball! CBD has changed so many peoples’ lives and many often wonder if it can help their pet. The answer to this is a resounding yes! CBD has not only been reported to help humans with a huge variety of ailments but also to our pets as well. There are many stories of dogs being anxious free during a thunderstorm or cats soothing their arthritic joints with CBD pet products. These also make a great addition to animal shelters, pet stores, and doggy daycares. Stock up your shop with our wholesale CBD pet products and watch the customers come flooding in!

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