When it comes to cannabis legalization it would seem the world is starting to get more and more of a clue as to how this plant has been demonized rather then praised for its therapeutic properties. 

The March Session of the Comission On Narcotic Drugs will be held in Vienna Austria and shall decide if the classification of Marijuana being a class V narcotic shall stand or if it shall be declassified. Class V is assigned to the highest most dangerous type of narcotics which we all know cannabis does not deserve.

World Health Organization Calls For Removing Marijuana Classification

The World Health Organization also known has WHO for short has called for this declassification. Specifically it has called for declassification of the cannabis plant as well as its resin as a controlled substance from international treatises.

Why Is this Significant?

This move would stop countries from using the excuse of international treatise being the reason that they can not lift the ban on cannabis. 

This step if successful will hopefully move big countries like the USA adopt a more reasonable approach to cannabis. Many American states have already taken the step towards this, however the federal government is sticking to its guns so far. However there is more and more support towards declassification of cannabis as a narcotic and letting states decide for themselves on how this plant shall be treated.

Another significant aspect of what WHO is trying to do is to set a precedence where all governments will ensure the availability of cannabis for pain and medical purposes.


Future Medical Research

The hope here is that declassification of marijuana as a drug in the USA as well as world wide will open up the avenues to extensive research as to the full medical uses and therapeutic benefits of cannabis. If the globe unites and researches this miraculous plant we may be able to remedy many ailments whether mental or physical by using a natural remedy without the many adverse effects of opioids.