Delta8 or THC8 is Δ8THC is a cannabinoid found in the tetrahydrocannabinoid family. It is commonly derived from the cannabis plant. THC8 is double bond isomer just like the well-known THC9 which is also produced by the cannabis plant and is best known for its psychoactive properties.

So now that we are thru all the nice chemist techno jargon. you are probably wondering what does this mean to you and why are we even talking about it? Well Delta8 is so closely related to Delta9 that it does have psychoactive properties unlike regular CBD this particular version does have psychoactive effects that are noticeable when used. So if you are in a state where marijuana is not legal so you do not have access to legal dispensaries then this might be the perfect alternative for you.

THC8 vs THC9

This is one of the big questions about THC8. So, we experimented with Delta8 for about 2 weeks and here is what we found out about how this CBD makes you feel.

The effects are quite similar to marijuana but less intense when it comes to the psychoactive part of the high. You feel it more in the body however there is a definite psychoactive component that is much like a marijuana high but more mellow. It is somewhat hard to describe until you experience it for yourself but for the most part it is like a toned down THC9 high.

We also noticed that the Indica and sativa characteristics definitely come thru here. So, if you want mellow and sedative an Indica or a hybrid will do the trick. If you are more looking for mellow but with a boost in energy, then a sativa strain is best. I will say one thing. I am very much a light weight and I really do not do well with Indica strains. For some reason I tend to get paranoid when using them. One thing I noticed with Delta8 when trying a hybrid like White Widow where with a marijuana strain I am fine with it with Delta8 I had more of the Indica come thru then I like. So, I switched to Sour Diesel which is straight sativa and I am loving those effects. So just a word of caution when trying a THC8 cartridge if you are not a Indica fan don’t go down the hybrid road but go straight Sativa.

What Sort Of Delta8 / THC8 Products Are Currently Available?

Currently if you are looking to buy Delta8 products you have a few choices. You can buy Delta8 Cartridges, tinctures like THC8 distillate and Delta8 gummies. We have also seen some THC8 prerolls which are made from CBD Flower that has been sprayed with Delta8.

THC8 products are still very new and I am sure will continue to evolve as the demand for these products is sure to rise with the many beneficial effects that have been reported by users of this hemp product.

Indica THC8 Cartridges

Delta8 / THC8 Gummies

Delta8 Sativa Carts

Now Available Delta 9 THC Gummies

Is THC8 / Delta8 Legal?

This is the big question that is on many people’s minds. Is Delta8 legal? Please check laws on hemp products and THC8 products in your state before purchasing any of these products. We are not lawyers, and this is not legal advice so educate yourself about the laws in your jurisdiction.

The simple answer is this if the Delta 8 product is made from hemp than according to the 2018 Farm Bill it is a 50-state legal product. However, there are some states that have their own laws when it comes to hemp products of any kind so it’s always best to check on what that looks like in your area.

One word of caution here is also if you have to pass a drug test for work or any other reason you may not pass using THC8 it is so closely related to THC9 that a drug test looking for delta9 will likely come out positive.

Does Delta8 THC 8 Have Any Medical Properties?

Delta 8 is showing great promise with some of the same medical conditions as most CBD products. While this type of cannabinoid has some psychoactive products that regular CBD does not have it may prove to be superior for treating conditions that are more psychological in nature. Conditions like anxiety, anger control issues and PTSD come to mind.

Things like:

  • Pain relief
  • appetite stimulation
  • nausea
  • anxiety
  • It protects brain cells!

It has many of the same effects as THC9 but less intense but still helping the user to become calm and focused making it a great product to try if you are suffering from anxiety or PTSD and even ADHD.

Where Can I Buy THC8 Products?

Considering our research into this new type of CBD product we have decided to carry all the current known forms that this cannabinoid comes in which currently consists of edibles, distillates, and cartridges. As more and more manufacturers come to produce this product we will continue to research and bring you the best Delta8 products currently available.

If you have any questions on these products or need help deciding on which is right for you, please contact us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

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